Sandakozhi 2 Movie Review

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Genre: Feels like Tolloywood action, which is full fledged rural touch is being carried forward from the “Sandakozhi”.

Synopsis: The first version “Sandakozhi” 2005 a few artists who can see in the updated version, not only Vishal looks same after thirteen years later, the actors like Rajkiran, Ganja Karuppu and few other artists everyone physically nothing change is being observed. But, in the previous film’s energy level is lacking in the film “Sandakozhi 2”.

As the director N. Linguswamy might be kept his old script in his mind, it’s seemed, there were nothing changes in the visual aspects, rural surroundings, innumerous Billhook flying on, eventually timing dialogues made to feel overdoses, is the extra fitting.

Story: Apart from all exaggerations and expectations, Vishal’s film “Sandakozhi 2” marked by richness and fullness of commercials flavour. In the opening, revengeful aspects are followed, in the Theni district Durai (Rajkiran), who is a respectful person and even in a round villages people values Durai words.

Normally, in rural places small issues burst out for several years, in that angle the director Linguswamy had chosen for, in a village festival, while serving out the food clashes were getting and in this collapse, Pechi’s husband were killed by Billhook in brutally and this situation was noticed by Pechi and taking an avenge on everyone in that kindred that who killed her husband.

Pechi and her families were killed everyone and the last member of that clan was Anbu and he is getting refuge under the lion of Durai, the audacious man protects Anbu for seven years. An exhibiting respected man Vishal, who is returning Thenai and observing the situations, which happens in his place and how he tackle the scenario is the film “Sandakozhi 2”.

Vishal’s graceful and charming is missing out in his performances and his outlook is still stable, Keerthy Suresh tried out to overlap Meera Jasmine place, which is impossible to Keerthy Suresh to bring out Meera Jasmine mischievousness attitude. Normally, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s atrocious performance will be extreme level, might be exaggeration pull down the furious acting is lacking.

The songs and BGM are quite simple and tracks on enough stratum, visualization matches with the sequels. As it is an action oriented film stunt sequences are not more effective comparatively with the old version.

Verdict: Enlarge beyond bounds, commercial-grade.

Rating: 3 / 5


Vishal * Balu

Keerthy Suresh * Sembaruthi

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar * Pechi

Rajkiran * Durai Ayya




Directed by * N. Linguswamy

Produced by * Vishal * Dhaval Jayantilal Gada * Akshay Jayantilal Gada

Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * K. A. Sakthivel

Edited by * Praveen K. L.

Production Company

Vishal Film Factory * Pen Studios

PRO * Johnson

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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