Santhoshathil Kalavaram Movie Review

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A clash with negative spirit and the human occult power.

Synopsis: The youngsters make a long trip, which they wanted to come out of normal schedules, in that case people getting stuck up in a dense forest and next touchstones is among the guys one fellow had a crucial intention of spoil the girl by these sequels the story runs in an obtuse manner.

The unveiling director Kranthi Prasad expresses that the youngsters have huge potential, the only thing is they need to utilize those powers in a proper way. The positive thoughts which will lead to good path and negative aspects precede with the obstacles, all these concepts are encouraged. Unfortunately, the director made lacking in the screenplay.

Story: The title “Santhoshathil Kalavaram” opens with a background voice explicates about the five boys and four girls’ behaviour and their lifestyle. As the guys travel in a thick forest area to celebrate Vikcy (Rahul C Kalyan), birthday and the guy Vicky take them to his ancestor’s guest house, where there life survival is impossible, in that situation. All were experiencing the negative vibration in the guest house.

The first half had an along stretches with silly sequels and unwanted scary visualization made to annoying, Vicky and his friends often observe mysterious dreams and even feels unconditional situations at the night time, which made them to hold on frightened.

On a stage, they all were decided to move out of the guest house. Unexpectedly, a bad spirit never allows them to go. In that hard situation, a young man Veenu who fills with a divine power, that he always does mediation and keep doing yoga, who gives his hand for the other young guys in the tough situation. Finally, as our Tamil cinema’s formula all are getting protected from the negative spirit with the help of Veenu.

Already, we have seen in “Pudhiya Geethai” film in an effective visualization about a positive attitude, vibration is necessary for human beings to get succeeding in every circumstance and even a person can come out of the death. But, in the film “Santhoshathil Kalavaram” the quality of being able to bring about an effectiveness is missing.

Verdict: Horror stuffs are lacking, the guys all were immature in their performances.

Rating: 1.5 / 5


Niranth * Veenu

Rudra Aura * Johny

Aaryan * Akash

Ravi Mariya * Ragupathi

Gouthami Jadav * Kalaivani

C.Kalyan * Vicky

Apeksha Panchal * Sonam

Soujanya * Harini

Shivani * Sujatha Subramanian

Jai Jagannadh * Murugan

Alex * Ramana

Swamy * Shyam


Directed by * Kranthi Prasad

Produced by * V.C. Thimma Reddy *
Kranthi Prasad

Written by * Kranthi Prasad

Story by * Kranthi Prasad

Music by * Sivanag

Edited by * Kranthi Kumar

Production Company * Sree Guru Cinemas, Mango Tree Films

PRO * Sakthi Saravanan

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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