Sathriyan Movie Review

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Genre: Action * fetch up in the second half, it was a sluggish inciting script.

Synopsis: Vikram Prabhu uninterrupted fizzle based stories were given “Idhu Enna Maayam” was a lovemaking oriented tale, next was “Wagah” India and Pakistan border concept fluxed with a love story, with this “Veera Sivaji” and one more upcoming film “Sathriyan” pioneering was narrated to rowdy them and amorous melded to the content for lengths to flick. The hero who is rowdy planning to control a city is the baseline and how the hero’s life sets out to a change by the girl is stretched forth the flick.

Story: The title “Chatriyan” 1990 reminds Vijayakanth’s movie was a cop, struggles for the society and even to the family, this “Sathriyan” trigger the viewers by the hooligan formula, Samuthiram is a gangster leader was murdered and his right hand Ravi and an inverse rowdy Shankar both targets to manipulate the Trichy city, Guna (Vikram Prabhu), who helps Ravi but Guna and his friend look forward for the right time to hold the Trichy, a young thug Guna appointed as a security guard for Niranjana (Manjima Mohan), she is the daughter of Samuthiram, after a few months later Niranjana propose to Guna, initially he refuses her proposal by saying his situations. But the loved Niranjana explains the conditions of a rowdy man’s life, Guna in an some extend accepts her love. In second half gangster hits of each other, to all off, will Guna lead a life with Niranjana or opt to be as a raucous was the picture.

Guna’s eccentric seems to be soft, not much forces couldn’t see his action, Manjima Mohan looks bubbly and express herself homely in the entire film,
Yogi Babu’s scopes are less and he appears in a couple sequels and disappeared from the movie, Rio Raj and Kavin are extra fitting for the movie, BGM boosts up in the panoramas, songs are not much catchy and overall “Sathriyan” is a snail move.


“Sathriyan” – naanum rowdy dhaan



Vikram Prabhu * Guna

Manjima Mohan * Niranjana

Rio Raj

Aishwarya Dutta



Poster Nandakumar

Sharath Lohitashwa

Aadukalam Naren * Vijayan

Yogi Babu

Sundari Divya

R.K. Vijay Murugan


by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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