Sathru Movie Review

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A rigidly formal cop, execution of the venture to wipe out illicit, which holding the attention of the audience.

Synopsis: The film “Sathru” speaks about a straight forward young policeman, who struggles a lot to lead a basic life, an inflexible guy forced out with his police department and even children’s kidnapped case made to overcome. The first half film lack out with logical which connection characterized by the evidencing of a story.

The unveiling director Naveen Nenjundan, made the adequate sequels to seizing the viewers. The film “Sathru” will a distinctive script for the Kathir, which made to speak out in his career, along with Kathir, Srushti Dange, Neelima Rani, Ponvannan and Suja were enduring towards the film.

Story: The strong-growing Kathir, who shows his harsh and sturdy attitude in his profession and the guy who take the charge in place of Royapuram as a sub inspector, Kathir has locked with his beautiful family members that had gets affair with Srushti, with affectionate father Ponvannan even with brother and with a brother’s wife were all living in a joint family. The director exposes their warmth among the them.

As the strict police man Kathir gets into a case, in the Royapuram area children were getting kidnapped by a gang of people, among the gang Prabhakaran misses a chance of getting a lump sum amount, this made Prabhakaran to extreme violence towards Kathir. To target Karthi, Prabhakaran takes the loop hole Karthi’s family and gives lots of squeeze to his family people and even gives pressure to Karthi. With all these efforts, Karthi uses his police influence to uproot the violate man, from the area.

Kathir’s career the film “Sathru” would be given a new access in the film industry, Srushti has done her portions in an adequate way, the guy Mahesh Muthuswami cinematography was extraordinary and BGM score in an indulgent manner.

Verdict: watchable

Rating: 2.5 / 5



Sushti Dange

Suja Varunee

Neelima Rani





Directed by * Naveen Nanjundan

Music by * Amresh Ganesh

Cinematography * Mahesh Muthuswami

Edited by * Prasanna GK

Production Company * RT Infinity Deal

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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