Sathya Movie Review

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Genre: Umbrage drama * the script elongate about an apprehension astir what is going to happen till the climax and crime was an usually vicious act.

Synopsis: The people who have an interested in watching a thriller screenplay they can opt for the movie Sathya, the scenes made the viewers to enmesh on every sequel in the conceive of tickled, the movie is directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and he tried out to hold in suspicion; believe to be executed, the eccentrics  “Sathya” and “Swetha” two actors are Sibi Sathyaraj and Remya Nambeesan fortifying the film, ACP Anuya Bharathwaj Varalaxmi is the character comes in a buckram. The title  “Sathya” framed from the Telugu film of Kshanam and shaped with tenuous modification. The film’s running time was
2 hours 9 minutes contains with gumption

Story: The director shows his liveliness and eagerness in the opening that Swetha was getting a hit in the harmful way and her lovable child Riya was kidnapped by the strangers, but she was in a helpless way. In this situation, Swetha ping a call to her ex-boyfriend Sathya who lives in Australia and that she be speaking to look into her child vanished. Now Sathya is starting to help her and ask the details about the child in the police station, but the cops close the file by saying, the child is not existing in the world and it was all about her imaginary, the piteous lady was stamped by everyone that she had affected by psychic disorder and her husband Gautham certified that they doesn’t have a child. As a stage, Sathya started to believe there was no such a Riya character in the world. Once, he says this, Swetha gets disappointed that even her friend not believing and suddenly suicide herself from the top of a building. Check out the movie in the theatre, how Sathya solves the puzzle why Gautham, the neighbourhood and the cops says that Swetha doesn’t have a child.

Opening in the place of Australia with the mirthful Yogi Babu made an interesting to the audiences, Babu Khan character is quite disappointing with serious appearance and his comedy was missed out, Varalaxmi comes on screen, sure she would come for dissimilar eccentric that proven in the climax, Swetha character speaks out well by giving the emotions. Sibi Sathya performance is said by Yogi Babu in the opening of the movie so no need to critique about Sibi’s character. 

Verdict: Not boring.


Sibi Sathyaraj * Sathya

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar * ACP Anuya Bharathwaj

Remya Nambeesan * Swetha

Sathish * Babu Khan

Anandaraj * Inspector Chowdhary

Yogi Babu * Ram

Nizhalgal Ravi * Swetha’s father

Balaji Venugopal * Vasanth Menon

Aathma Patrick


Directed by * Pradeep Krishnamoorthi

Produced by * Maheshwari Sathyaraj

Music by * Simon K .King

Cinematography * Arunmani Palani

Edited by * Goutham Ravichandran

Production company * Naathambal Film Factory

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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