Savarakathi Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * blended with feeling, it is experiencing of affective and delirious situation.

Synopsis: The audience applaud’s Mysskin package, now steps up towards an acting area, this film bursts out of humorous and at the end screenplay compressed with the quality of being humane. The debut director explicit a message with trivial emotional sequels. The characters much involved with more beep words. The film “Savarakathi” ceasing scenes gives with the impacts, a lady who gives birth and the ruffian guy and a common family man Pichai is struggling with a weapon. Finally, the contend has been put to an end with the baby’s voice. The comedy content framed by Mysskin and it was directed by Aadithyaa.

Story: In the opening, the flick explains about Pichaimoorthy and his wife Subathra, both had two children. The guy who runs a barber shop. Once the preceded gets over, Subathra forces Pichai to take them to meet her brother. The pregnant lady Subatra and her family goes on a bike, On the way, Pichai gets into a clash with Manga (Mysskin), who is a raucous. In this tough situation they chased Pichai to murder him, Manga was hurried to kill Pichai that he needs go to the jail and his parole time gets over.

On the same day, Raghu was eloping with a rich college going girl, The lover feels tough situations about the lady’s parents, the couple plan to get married in the Register office to avoid of the girl’s parents stop the marriage. The gangster leader Manga decided to kill Pichai before moving to prison. Now all these critical condition Manga will murder Pichai is balance screenplay.

Ram played in a common family man role, which convinced where his son wish Ram to get into a fight with the rowdy, Poorna throughout come as a pregnant lady and her dialogue delivered with facial expressions was over-the-top.

Verdict: Mysskin, exposure towards acting.


Ram * Pitchai Moorthy

Mysskin * Mangeswaran

Poorna * Subathra

Ashvath * Gautaman


Directed by * G. R. Adithya

Produced by * Mysskin

Written by * Mysskin

Music by * Arrol Corelli

Cinematography * Karthik Venkatraman

Edited by * S. Julian

Production Company * Lonewolf Productions

PRO * Johnson

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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