Seema Raja Movie Review

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Genre: Comic * put in a heartbreaking tedious laughable and creates an outrageous situation for the audience.

Synopsis: A mixed of SK’s flicks compressed altogether and projected on screen in the title of “Seema Raja”, as his previous village based movies stuffed with comedies, action, sentiment and revenge bind up and obviously people can expect in this occasion, the film “Semna Raja” as in the same trademarks of all above said ingredients are projected.

The film stretches towards 158 minutes, still need the audience searches for the proper screenplay. In the first half, introduction sequels of SK, next is comedies with Soori, and then Sivakarthikeyan’s love track.

In the second half, Puliampatti village fame and a cunning lady who is being added to the flavour. For the outlook attractions for SK’s fan, Sivakarthikeyan appears in a king’s get up, by this a flashback merged according to the director bid.

Story: Old templates with a new title. The royal man Seema Raja, who has belongs to king family in the place of Singampatti. Initially, the director project Seema Raja, who always leads happy life and never bothered the consequence happening in the Singampatti and enjoys his life with his friend an accountant Kanakku (Soori), and he always sticks with Seema Raja, Seema Raja’s father Napoleon, who was a Zamindar and there always creates conflict between neighbour village Puliampatti

As usual, friend Kanakku is used to helping for Seema Raja’s love with a local rural school PT teacher Suthanthira Selvi (Samantha Akkineni), with whom he gets love affair at first sight.

The lover Selvi belongs to opposition village Puliyampatti, the audience might observe perfectly what will be happening in the next. A flashback starts, Kaathadi Kannan (Lal), wanted to revenge Seema Raja and his family. As Kannan’s wife, who is nefarious nature Kaaleeswari (Simran), and she plans to take farming land from villagers and build windmills.

Seema Raja’s father getting insulted in the place of Puliyampatti, by this insult Zamindar gets a heart attack. After all the ritual works get over, Seema Raja’s grandfather starts with another historical flashback in the period of the thirteenth century, the great warrior Kadambaveera Raja (Sivakarthikeyan), was fighting against Allaudin Khilji’s army. In that case the historical portions get over.

Now, the story back to the normal, the prestigious heir stands for the village people is the lengthy screenplay.

The hero Sivakarthikeyan and Soori both are in the same formula, nothing new concept stuffed. Only the songs attracts the audience by the music director. The promotion of the film, will make the film success. Simran acting was in extreme level for the negative eccentric, her expressions and body language annoyed in some extended. She looks slightly older in the film.

Verdict: A Masala mixture, targeted for entertaining with all commercial aspects.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Sivakarthikeyan * Seema Raja and Kadambavel Raja

Samantha Akkineni * Suthanthira Selvi

Napoleon * Ariya Raja, Seema Raja’s father

Simran * Kaaleeshwari

Soori * Adiasamy


Directed by * Ponram

Produced by * R. D. Raja

Music by * D. Imman

Cinematography * Balasubramaniem

Edited by * Vivek Harshan

Production Company * 24AM Studios

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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