Seemathurai Movie Review

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A love based drama with deplorable of a decisive moment, which visualize at the end of the movie.

Synopsis: The story controls entirely in the rural place, the director Santhosh Thiyagarajan have chosen up erstwhile screenplay, it would tough to hold the audience in the theatre.

The actor Geethan (Marudhu), who is a sensitive guy and the young pretty girl Varsha Bollamma (Poorni), is the influential lady in the rural area that her father is a hefty man.

Even though the story seems to distinguish in the climax, as usual the hero gets love at first sight and initially the girl rejects his proposal and by his force and with unavoidable circumstances Poorni accepts Marudhu’s love.

The girl’s parents are against towards their affair, Santhosh Thiyagarajan tracks the film in a single path without any other critically important of characteristics.

Story: Marudhu is a college student, who has been belonging to a poor family, his mother Viji sold out dried fish for their survival and even for Marudhu’s education, the young man has a lethargic attitude and never bother of fellowship and his family.

After completing the twelfth class Poorni wish to go for her higher education. But the village influential Poorni’s father disagrees with her higher studies. At a long struggle, Poorni gets approval from her father to go towards the college.

Now, Poorni joins in Marudhu college with the support of her uncle, when she was travelling in a public transport, Marudhu was getting attracted by the way she behaved and falls in love with Poorni.

In many situations, Marudhu expresses his feelings towards Poorni, the guy was brutality gets affected by Poorni’s family members. By seeing this, Poorni accepts Marudhu’s love.

As usual, in the Tamil cinemas previous movie formula followed. The couple handles their situation in a tough way, at last their love life end in marriage or not is the balance screenplay.

The climax trapping towards a misfortune, that their love life ends up in unforeseen trouble resulting. The artists have done their job in a seemly way.

Verdict: tragical

Rating: 2 / 5



Varsha Bollamma


Directed by * Santhosh Thiyagarajan

Produced by * Sujaykrishnaa

Music by * Jose Franklin

PRO * R. Kumaresan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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