Sei Movie Review

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Initially depicting the lack of attention and frame out of an action based on nail-biting venture story.

Synopsis: “Sei” is all about a lethargic guy concerned only with his issues and takes some roguishness initiative to attract the young girl with that money the ludicrous man leads a happy life and even turns over towards an ambition that he wants to become as a film actor. In essence, the content keeps on slow down phases, the director Raj Babu compromised by giving message by the end of the flick.

The “Sei” movie hero Nakul made provoking an aversion performances with a frivolity body language, but anyhow this wasn’t extended throughout the film. A perceptual structure of the story which was given in a rhythmic manner and with blasting songs had delivered by N. Y. X Lopez. The film has been compressed with all sorts of commercial-grade, which a tenuous acclivity among the audience circle.

Story: The film exposed in the opening that the politicians were conflicts among their party members that leads to misfortune event, a kindhearted Thalaivasal Vijay who is purely handed politician, he wanted to run an orphanage for the mentally disordered people.

Abruptly, the minister’s secretary Janaki shows the fired up building video clipping and made them shocking by this continued with a carefree guy’s activities have been focused on the first half.

A gang of guys followed Saravedi Saravanan and observes his daily basis of behaviour. The gang believes in, by observing a lively character that they can try to make a vigorous film. Among the gang except Aanchal Munjal all were against by his behaviour, but the energizing lady stimulated Saravanan to lead his life in a decent way.

In this scenario, Saravanan’s father was hospitalized and the old man has been first-aid by a strange guy Deepak. Now, after the hospitalization the voguish Saravanan’s taking charge of his father’s duty.

Once he takes his father’s ambulance Saravanan move towards a mortuary place that there he gets a huge amount to carrying the dead body, while taking the dead body a physically challenged man Nassar and a couple of women travels with them.

At a point, Saravanan suspects with the family that they behave abnormally in the ambulance and the dead body that he was a guy who protect Saravanan’s father from the cardiac arrested.

The circumstances all were against to Saravanan, the innocent family target to kill Saravanan and need to dispose of the Deepak’s body.

Now, the opening is being linked with the climax, why the building was fired, the orphanage people were treated in brutally way, who is the guy Deepak and why the reason he was murdered and planning to destroy in a forest area. For all these, the director kept a criteria was the human organ transplantation.

In the Tamil film industry, many movies have been projected with this storyline anyway one more attempt is done by Raj Babu.

A Mollywood director Raj Babu, takes an initiative in the Kollywood, an aggressive performance of Nakul couldn’t tolerate in the first half and applause for the director there is no love sequels. For the commercial aspects songs have been stuffed that could be harmonized by the audience.

Verdict: Old message, an action based entertainment movie.

Rating: 2/5


Nakul * Saravedi Saravanan

Prakash Raj


Aanchal Munjal

Anjali Rao * Janaki

Chandrika Ravi * Nancy


Directed by * Raj Babu

Produced by * Mannu

Music by * N. Y. X Lopez

Cinematography * Vijay Ulaganath

Edited by * Gopikrishna. V

Production Company * Trippy Turtle Productions

PRO * Yuvraaj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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