Sethupathy Movie Review

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sethupathiGenre: Action * oriented film, the sentinel and his body languages of the hero, made an assumption towards the content of this movie.

Synopsis: The film “Sethupathy” was written and directed by S.U Arun Kumar, had given refined, which was compared to his previous movie “Pannaiyarum Padminiyum”. A jeopardize person “Vijay Sethupathy” wasn’t a choosey of his eccentric in every movie and never thinks about his image. In the film “Vijay Sethupathy” was portrayed as an earnest police officer, he was packed him with the qualities of jovial and the mixture of the horrific, the quality fluctuates the hero enters into his house, extremely different and playful with the kids, his other face was as a terrible situation to the criminals.

Story: Here is the fine relationship between the Vijay Sethupathy and Remya Nambeesan, both had an adhesiveness with mutual level, even though they had misconceived. In this stratum, at the place of Mudurai “Vathiyar” was raucous and control the people by his power, the hooligan “Vathiya”  had a daughter, with the knowledge and completion of her hubby was murdered by father-in-law. But the “Vathiyar” was targeted by the police inspector, for the twisting up the story and triggered the level of audience to grab, “Vijay Sethupathy” was suspected in the differential case. Watch out the interesting    on the hero’s most curious about, in his own way balanced performance.

Remya Nambeesan struggles to remnant the level on by meeting up with the family. In a certain, mother character is being appeared. Unfortunately the old man, according to the hero hasn’t showed till the movie ceases, made to think “Vathiyar” be the father of the heroine!!!

Verdict: Not to mucilage, but unspoilt entertainment film.


Vijay Sethupathi,
Ramya Nambeesan,
Vela Ramamoorthy,


Directed S. U. Arun Kumar
Produced * Shan Sutharsan
Written * S. U. Arunkumar
Music * Nivas K.Prasanna
Cinematography * Dinesh Krishnan
Edited * A. Sreekar Prasad
Production company * Vansan Movies


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