Seyal Movie Review

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Genre: Action * keeps up retentive, which made the young buds vigorous and fresh  performance.

Synopsis: The flick contains with the sensitive love story and it dwells of a haphazard assortment of different kinds of quality  being shockingly cruel and inhumane with the ruffians that our hero handling with merriment. The film is directed by Ravi Abbulu, for the screenplay he had handled in both the places of Chennai and Kerala and it was produced by CR Rajan. The prominent roles were done by Rajan Tejeshwar and Tharushi.

The director grips our hero Karthik eccentric in a swooning way and he focused on the mother’s character that he shows her in dauntless performance, the two rowdies and with them a Guru was there and he guides them in their each activity and hence the movie proceeds in a gaiety based.

Story: The flick unfolds Karthik’s love affair with Aarthi from his childhood, but she refuses his love from childhood, simultaneously a rowdy who holds the centre of a market in his control, Karthik’s mother who take care of him as a single parent and his wish to study aeronautical engineering and it was not fulfilled due to the family circumstance.

At a point, Karthik was hitting rowdy in the market place and this had been uploaded in the YouTube video and everyone started to watch off it, by looking at this sequences lively, the public hasn’t shown fear with him and the situation made upside down that the market is ready to go away.

The rowdy’s Guru, who was watching the live show from his place and giving an idea to hold the market again, by grabbing Karthik again and started to hit him in the same place, this will create fear again among the public, to apply this idea rowdy was searching Karthik. Unfortunately, Karthik moves to Kerala for his job and parallel there he sees Aarthi and he does not wish to return back, with continued request from the gang and calls, Karthik decided to step in Chennai.

Now, the rowdy uses all the techniques and even losses money and family. The rowdy’s intention is to get back his market again and wanted to control the people. Will the rowdy get back his power, which was missed by Karthik is the balance script.

The hero’s slang was distinct and it  commemorates a familiar actor’s voice. The heroine looks graceful, the music was composed by Siddharth Vipin, the songs were energetic for holding the youngsters,  the director stuffed all emotions of sympathy, action, comedy and end up with the good message, that helping is a circle.

Verdict: Good attempt.


Rajan Tejeshwar



Director * Ravi Appulu

Producer * CR Rajan

Music * Siddharth Vipin

Lyrics *Lalith Anand

Cinematography * Elayaraja S

Editing * R Nirmal

Art Direction * John Britto

Action Direction * Kanal Kannan

Choreography * Baba Bhasker

Costume Design * Natarajan Sankaran

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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