Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen Movie Review

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Genre: Drollery * overleaping by the dumping of the artists.

Synopsis: The director Ezhil’s comedy eruptions out of his previous movie “Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran” the audiences have not noticed the logic, enjoyed the comedies, so the film was worked on some level and Udhayanidhi Stalin’s a list films based with the all time on comedy content, both the of them merged and given a waggery based script. The title “Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen” eagerness towards the story line, but there are some confiding in the overlap by more artists.

Story: The title Why fear when Saravanan is here? Sure used at one time in the film. The hero Saravanan doesn’t have any job and enjoy the life with his friends and his uncle Kalyanam becoming as a head for a party in the Tamil Nadu and trusted in him to make more members in the party, the chief who come from Delhi instead of Kalyanam, Saravanan gets penetrated to  his uncle’s party and becoming as a head, all the twists happened by a drunken guy, then the uncle was sent to Dubai on the fear of a local politician Veera Singam. Now for the party’s growth they need an office and they take in ThenMozhi’s house, later Thenmozhi return to her native place with the family. From the childhood, both were having an ego crash with each other. But Saravanan falls in love with Thenmozhi but she never accepts Saravanan proposal and to annoy him agree to marry an innocuous guy Chaams, in these sequels, a small flashback to this script is a girl Fatima (Srushti Dange) Who keeps one side love on Saravanan and her life ends up after a song sequel, after her death, she helps Saravanan when he was getting stuck in the critical  situations. Finally, egoistic Thenmozhi how she gets married with Saravanan is the balance story.

Regina looks gorgeous and she motilities around with the glamorous till the end of the film. The repulsion scenes are extra fitting, though they trust on horror films getting success, Udhayanidhi Stalin as usual in his performances. En number of actresses stuffed and getting disappeared.

Verdict: Entertainment


Udhayanidhi Stalin *  Saravanan

Regina Cassandra * Thenmozhi

Srushti Dange

Soori * Kalyanam




Ravi Mariya

G. M. Kumar


Mansoor Ali Khan

Vidyullekha Raman

Robo Shankar



Madhan Bob

Yogi Babu

Ashvin Raja


Directed * Ezhil

Produced * Udhayanidhi Stalin

Written * Ezhil

Music by D. Imman

Cinematography * K. G. Venkatesh

Edited by * K. Anand Lingakumar

Production company * Red Giant Movies

Distributed by * Red Giant Movies

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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