Sillu Karuppatti Movie Review

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A positive feeling of different age groups – an emotional touch geared up towards the situations.

The director Halitha Shameem incorporated four concepts and delivered in the film “Sillu Karupatti” and moreover the scripts belongs towards all the age groups feelings and emotions and their indefinite circumstances loaded into four categories. As an audience, combined scripts have been screened out after years later and the director’s quality is being made gratification while envisioning on the screen.

The first concept is about young buds feelings, the title for the narration was the “Pink Bag” in the metropolitan city, a small boy Ragul who was survived in the slum area and his routine habit was collecting the unsuitable refused things. While accumulating the things, the young one finding out a ring. The innocent boy getting attracted to the thing and decided to hand over towards the concern person. Now in this scenario Ragul and the other boys were getting friendship and even Sara grabbed with them.

Following with the “Pink Bag”, “Kaaka Kadi” was proceeding. Obviously a rich, and well settled IT guy Manikandan diagnosed with cancer disease and his life was travelling towards pathetic conditions, Manikandan getting friendship with Nevaditha Sathish. At a point, the girl fell in love with Manikandan, in this situation Manikandan accept her love or not is the balanced screenplay.

The tertiary concept was a couple of ageing people’s bondage is being observed on the screen. An aged lady Leela Samson, who lives alone and she leads an isolated life, Leela meets KravMaga Sreeram. In a situation, he understands the loneliness of Leela and the man expressing his love to her. After the mysterious circumstances, both were bonding together or not is the balance script.

Of all these trio stories, “Hey Ammu”an expectation of a couple. A dominate husband’s role was done by Samuthirakani, an innocent, looking more from husband and even doesn’t like her husband’s attitude eccentric was played by Sunaina. Both were leads misunderstanding life. At a stage, both of them realise their mistake and leads happy life or not is the balance play script.

The director tried to give emotional packages for the audience. The actor Samuthirakani emerged with the story and the other artists were given the best in their portions, Pradeep’s music was the backbone of the each concept.

Verdict: emotional drama.

Rating: 3.5 / 5


Samuthirakani * Dhanapal

Sunaina * Amudhini

Nivedhithaa Sathish * Madhu

Leela Samson * Yashoda

Baby Sara * Mity

KravMaga Sree Ram * Navaneethan

K. Manikandan

Rahul * Maanja


Directed by * Halitha Shameem

Produced by * Venkatesh Velineni

Written by * Halitha Shameem

Music by * Pradeep Kumar

Production Company * Divine Productions

PRO * Suresh Chandra

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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