Silukkuvarpatti Singam Movie Review

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Vishnu Vishal demeans himself in his few movies that he keeps as a trend it seems.

Synopsis: “Silukkuvarpatti Singam” is full fledged rural based film and the debut director Chella trust only with the risible and depicted Sathyamoorthi as a lethargic guy throughout the film, enormous eccentrics have been visualized it shows that there is no much strong narration, the characters are overlapping on the frames like the strangers.

Vishnu Vishal gives an unconventional entertainment for the audience, but frequently opt the comedy contents, in the Vishnu Vishal production, Regina Cassandra, Oviya, Yogi Babu, Anandaraj, Karunakaran, Mansoor Ali Khan and Livingston join with Vishnu Vishal to concentrate on the humour.

The guy Sathyamoorthi, who has projected himself as a weaker characterized, more of lacking confidence with his vitality, but when a spicy boiled egg missed out the ridiculous guy shows the power to anyone that he never mind of opposite people’s strength.

Story: The serious less Sathyamoorthi takes his profession in the same conditions, being a Police constable in the Silukkuvarpatti place, he never shows the sincerity in his job. His routine schedule in the police station has brought breakfast, lunch and tea for his higher officer.

The young man focuses on beautiful girls. In that case, that he couldn’t recognize his cousin Raji (Regina Cassandra), comes to her hometown after years later, Sathya is starting to propose with Raji without knowing that she is relative to him.

In this circumstance “Cycle” Shankar, who is a criminal and even the rowdy that he was targeted by the police department. In this scenario, while Sathyamoorthi tempted of eating boiled egg the criminal hit on Sathya, in that case the boiled egg dislocate from his mouth, Sathya gets temper and arresting the criminal. With the influences, criminal comes out from the police station and he decided to revenge on Sathyamoorthi. The ludicrous guy how the way he applied all the tactics to come out of the tough situation is the balance drama.

Nothing new couldn’t see in the performance of Vishnu Vishal, Regina Cassandra looks and costumes are beautiful, Oviya bemused her values in the record dancer eccentric, the top executive in comedies Yogi Babu was inadequate in his sequels.

Verdict: Silukkuvarpatti Singam – Cat

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Vishnu Vishal * Sathyamoorthi

Regina Cassandra * Raji

Oviya * Kanaka

Yogi Babu * Tony

Anandaraj * Share Auto Chandran

Karunakaran * Bhaskar

Livingston * Muthaiya

Sai Ravi * Cycle Shankar

Mansoor Ali Khan * Nilakkottai Narayanan



G. Marimuthu


Directed by * Chella

Music by * Leon James

Cinematography * J. Laxman

Edited by * Ruben

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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