Sketch Movie Review

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Genre: Action * exceptionally unsound and dropping in the qualities of the script.

Synopsis: The film “Sketch” is written and directed by Vijay Chandar and produced by Moving Frame, Vikram had given the impressive contents and the audience gets fulfilled when his movie projects on screens, unfortunately this occasion had given disappointment to the viewers, Vikram has opted mass titled movie “Sketch” is a
Masala entertainment with an erstwhile story and testing the audience’s patience.

Story: The title alluring was pushed down the screenplay would be an international level, but the story starts from North Madras (North Chennai), which shows the normal action based concept, Vikram is right hand man in a local money collecting gang in an illegal way and imparts money to buy cars and bikes, which was done by Harish Peradi, Vikram’s job is to when the people don’t pay interest on time, Vikram seize their vehicle and he continues till the gang gets the money from the people.

In that case, skirmish fixes him lock horns with an awful gangster, Kumar, who doesn’t scanty people who lay their hands on his prized ownership, a Fiat car which he owns in retentiveness of his father. Now Kumar decided to kill Sketch and his gang.

Vikram missed down his gripped by choosing this movie “Sketch”, the director Vijay Chander made a wanting in the screenplay, Tamannaah bright up the on screen other than not much used her in the story. Soori and Mathumitha no scope for them.

Verdict: Missing


Vikram * Jeeva (Sketch)

Tamannaah * Amuthavalli (Ammu)

Soori * Maari

Baburaj * ‘Royapuram’ Kumar.

R. K. Suresh *Ravi

Sriman * Bhaskar



Sri Priyanka * Priya

Jangiri Madhumitha * Manju

Hareesh Peradi

Vela Ramamoorthy

P. L. ThenappanAbhishek


Ravi Kishan


Directed by * Vijay Chandar

Produced by * Moving Frame

Written by * Vijay Chandar

Music by * S. Thaman

Cinematography * M. Sukumar

Edited by * Ruben

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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