Sollividava Movie Review

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Genre: Love script * but, furthering to a greater extent on patriotism.

Synopsis: A couple of confounds journalist, who were getting appreciation for their splendid works in the job, by their higher authorities support both were travelling towards Kargil to capture the War and wants to telecast in the channel as the first. The guys were starting to travel with their colleagues and friends. In the Kargil war area and in the hardest situation both made them to fall in love, being the girl was engaged with someone.

The actor Arjun wants to project his daughter’s talents, simultaneously his favourite concept nationalism mixed up. The script based on the period of 1999’s Kargil situation, the only things are new model mobile phones and Royal Enfield is missed out other then not observed the 1999‘s period.

Story: The journalists, Sanjay (Chandan), who is working in a private TV channel and even brave enough to capture the situations against the society, once in a circumstance, he captures an evidence of a Minister that murdered some destitute people. Now, Sanjay shot up the evidence and projects on a TV channel.

In the parallel, Madhu (Aishwarya), from different channel and her shows was getting admired by everyone that a rich and genial man forgot about his mother, that he placed her mother in an old aged place by her speech the great man realize the value of human beings. By their achievement, both the authorities were sending them Kargil, to send the report on the current situations in the war area for update the news on their channels as the first about the situations in the place of Kargil War.

The lots of patriotic situations happen that not much goosebumps out. The couple, won over their hearts in the Kargil place and once finishing off the task, reaches Chennai without exposing their love, both departed each other and the engaged girl who was in a dilemma condition that she locked with her aunt’s affection.

Sanjay acclaims from a middle-class family, and his father (Naan Kadavul Rajendran), wants to become an actor. Madhu, who comes from a royal family, and takes care of grandfather (K Vishwanath) as a child. Now, her aunt (Suhasini), wants Madhu to get married to her son. The girl follows her family words or she gets married to her loved one is examined with hokey back war the film end up. Arjun holds up with a strong script and something is missed out by telling the story. On the whole, the film made only for his daughter Aishwarya.

Verdict: Not bore, not interesting.


Chandan Kumar

Aishwarya Arjun Suh

K. Viswanath

Black Pandi



Directed by * Arjun Sarja,

Produced by * Niveditha Arjun

Music by * Jassie Gift,

Written by * Arjun Sarja

Cinematography * H. C. Venugopal

Edited by * Kay Kay

Production Banner * Sree Raam Films International

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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