Soul garden, an all day dining bistro serving food with a class launched their store at Alwarpet

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Soul gardenSoul Garden is a rustic All-Day dining Vegetarian bistro serving exquisite food from around the world. Some fresh Italian dough pizzas and pastas, American burgers, sinful sizzlers, and mouth watering Indian cuisines are also thrown in. they also have s dessert lab called 196 degree below which brings us the exciting desserts like Dessert Lab, serving freshly made ice creams from liquid nitrogen, sorbets, Greek yogurt, waffle, mock tails and thick shakes, Nitro popcorn and much more with no added preservative.

From the people who brought Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt to Chennai. Here’s another sweet offering, Chennai’s first LN2 (Short for Liquid Nitrogen) ice cream/dessert lab. Normally Ice cream goes through different stages of cooling and freezing due to transit and storage. Due to which ice crystals are formed in the ice cream. But in 196 degree below there is something unique where it is made right in front of you, the silky, smoothy and fresh ice creams you have never has before. Added to it are the various bases with which you can choose your favorite flavor. Regular Gelato, no sugar added and the vegan base made from soya milk for the vegan friendly and lactose intolerant ice cream lovers. Themed like a lab and served in beakers with toppings sauce in syringes thrown in where one can have the real experience of ice cream making.

Venue: No 14, Ananda road, Alwarpet,
Chennai: 600018


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