Sowkarpettai Movie Review

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SowkarpettaiGenre: Repugnance * script with the extorts of energy boost up in every scene in the movie.

Synopsis: In the dual roll appearance of Srikanth reckon, an innocent Vettri seem in positive eccentric, obviously Shakthi was  impressed with the outlook for the negative character. Sowkarpettai is a place in Chennai most probably North Indians engrosses and do their own flair of the business. A regal former man Suman, he cheats the poor people in the high cost, who pledges their valuable properties. In this condition, Srikanth family was affected by the Suman.

Story: In the direction Vadivudaiyan, a horror film makes most risible twist expected in the sequence. A couple was killed in a wicked ways and buried, without their souls at rest. (Vettri) And Maya is furious to revenge the whole family of (Suman). Simultaneously, a flashback was gorged with the spirits, Shakthi was a brother to Vettri, but the guy was penalized by his parents, who had misbehaved with Maya. In the second half Shakthi appeared as a direful guy who mastered the ghosts and revenge Suman on the sentiment base of by killing his parents.

Comedy people are engaged to drag the audience. Shakthi was still eager on Maya, even though  she is a spirit,  the slightest touch of Arunthadhi can see in a portion. Only the title is Sowkarpettai but the area couldn’t see in the film. In the witch character Vadivukkarasi was creditable to the movie.

Verdict: An entertaining horrific film.


Lakshmi Rai
PowerStar Srinivasan
Thalaivasal Vijay

Directed * Vadivudaiyan
Produced * John Max Jones
Music * John Peter
Cinematography * S. Sreenivasa Teddy
Edited * Elisa
Production company * Shalom Studios
Distributed * Sri Thenandal films
Frames Inevitable


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