Spirit Of Chennai – Directors Quote

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IMG_1495The Chennai rains and resulting flood was one of the saddest and debilitating events that the world has seen or faced, leaving the city and adjoining areas helpless, stranded without food or drinking water, even loss of life in many cases. What turned the worlds attention is not the nations wrath but how the city instead of crumbling and succumbing to it, rose en masse to fight back and save itself. A first, for any city. This touched me and inspired me as it did a million others and the “Spirit of Chennai” was born. An anthem, a story that speaks of the undying spirit and love that people of Chennai are capable of. It also raises a pertinent question. Does a calamity have to happen, for us to
reach out to one another?.

When I searched for a team to make this dream come true, a thousand kindred souls came together with the same compassion that Chennai exhibited, without a moments hesitation. Thank you Chennai for making me believe in “Humanity” and what its capable of. Thank you for making me discover the better person in me.


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