Spyder Movie Review

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Genre: Psychic thriller * Without exemplary, the psychic battle between the two identities began afresh and it was ended with atrocious.

Synopsis: In the list of Murugadoss movies utters about sane, which eager the viewers by the visualization. “Spyder” is a polyglot film, the director balanced both in the Tollywood and Kollywood, the location which was captured fully in the place of Hyderabad and the hero Mahesh Babu speaks in the Tamil made gratifying for the audiences. The film carries a psychological aspects of a human being, an environment converts a born child and eventually the flick reckoned impact of vicious thing.

Story: The Telugu hero Mahesh Babu steps in the Tamil industry and he blended with the coveted director of Murugadoss, this heightening to give a thriller screenplay. As an enamoring hero Shiva who is satisfied to work with the Intelligence Bureau in the department of surveillance wing and he works with a separate team members that they taps into the phone calls. With all modern technological equipments the guy’s job is to trace of the calls and alert if anything goes strange, Shiva who keeps involved in his job and he takes the responsibility for helping that who has ever undergone with the agony and the fellow holds the precept that helping unknown people is the great humanity.

In an instant, the man who with the modern technologies he taps the call, while listening to that calls a teenage school going girl who speaks to her friend that she afraid of staying alone in her house to protect her from the fear Shiva getting help with his constable friend to monitor her. All of a sudden, the next day morning, both of them are unexpectedly found in a savagely killed and their body parts collapsed in an awful way.

This pathetic incident made him worried and that he believes not to continue with the job, but a spark out of his father’s words and he started to investigate the reason behind the murders. A psychic man Sudalai (S J Suryah), who has a flashback, that his birth was filled with the tragedy. His parents lived in the graveyard and with that money they were survived, when Sudalai was in his mother’s womb and after the birth, he hears the sounds of the funerals and that crying sounds made him happy and this avatar him as an evil guy. All that he wants is that people should suffer a lot as he enjoys their pain.

After all the investigations Shiva now decided to fetch for silent operation, watch out the movie, Shiva will destroy the Sudalai’s terrible plans of killing people and safeguard the human beings with his intelligences is the balance script.

The actress Rakul Preet Singh not much worth of the film just she had been used to fulfil the heroine’s portion. The actor
Bharath comes only for a few sequels and this shows even Bharath not treasured in the movie. Only two eccentrics are worthy towards the flick are Mahesh Babu and S. J. Surya, both are grabbing the scenes. BGM and songs of Harris Jayaraj’s not influenced the audiences. RJ Bajaji just as a character and he has not utilized in the comedy sequels, unfortunately there are no much comedy sequels.

Verdict: As in commercial perspective the film is OK. Only in the last scene the director stuffed with a counsel towards the viewers. But in depth, an ample of negative aspects observed in the film.


Mahesh Babu * Shiva

S. J. Surya * Sudalai

Rakul Preet Singh


RJ Balaji




Shaji Chen


Directed by * AR Murugadoss

Produced by * N. V. Prasad, Tagore Madhu

Written by * AR Murugadoss

Music by * Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography * Santosh Sivan

Edited by * A. Sreekar Prasad

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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