Sutta Pazham Sudatha Pazham Movie Review

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Sutta-Palam-Sudaatha-PalamStory: A car was moving at midnight, a rich man’s wife was struggling with the labor pain. With unavoidable circumstance the guy has to admit to the government hospital, in the same hospital an auto driver’s wife get a discharge of the hospital. The rich man’s dignity is not allowed to stay in the hospital and they are moving out immediately once the baby was born. Unlikely, the driver discharges from the hospital due to his financial status. The royal guy’s dog chased the driver family. The scene moves to a heroine (Priya) be the famous film star, but she kidnapped by a producer, and he got collapse by financially and planned to get money by taking the last movie with the same heroine, to reach back his position. In this situation, four types of child kidnappers are wanted by the police and to trace them, a CBI was appointed.

Uma Riyaz’s son plays 5B class student and he is the son of an auto driver. An intellectual boy and get an appreciation of the police inspector (Payilvan Ranganathan) the smart boy was kidnapped by four child kidnappers. The rich man’s friend landed in the Chennai airport and he has hobbies of collecting rare childhood photos. By looking at the black and white group photo of IV  standard, the rich man understanding the fact behind about Sreesanth (auto driver’s son).

Verdict: comedy based, an entertainment movie.


Latha Rao
Payilvan Ranganathan
Power Star
Robo Shankar
Vedivel Balaji
Uma Riyaz Khan


Director * G. Siva
Music director * Karthik Acharya


Mixture of entertainment like movie related to photographs, Events, Commercial Events and News.