Taana Movie Review

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Hilarious drama commixture of lethargic screenplay.

“Taana” opens with a short story about Pandirajan’s family who lived in the British period and his ancestors were dedicated themselves towards the public services and they never allow to happen any criminal activities in the village. Unfortunately, Pandirajan’s father gets upset that he is the last person who service for the public.

The sinless Pandirajan takes steps that his son wanted to become as a policeman, Pandirajan son Shakthi is getting fit in all areas. Unfortunately, fear made a lacking to him, Shakthi’s father was giving some treatment to come out of dreading. Unluckily, Shakthi gets female voice when he gets emotions.

“Taana” is doesn’t hold up with a specific genre the film contains a strong opening, followed by comedy, romance scenes overlaps, continues with sentiments, in the second half some horror sequels stuffed, investigations holding up by Shakthi and climax flashes out a message.

The director Yuvaraj Subramani shaped out Vaibhav according to the script, Nandita quite okay with her enamoring performances. In the first half Yogi Babu dominating the scenes and in the second half twist followed by an innocent pregnant lady’s murder.

Verdict: watchable

Rating: 2.5/5


Vaibhav * Shakti


Yogi Babu

Pandiarajan as Shakti’s father

Hareesh Peradi

Pasanga Sivakumar

Uma Padmanabhan


Directed by * Yuvaraj Subramani

Cinematography * Shiva GRN

Edited by * Prasanna GK

Production Company * Nobel Movies

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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