Taramani Movie Review

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Genre: Sensational * dramatic scripts

Synopsis: After the great succeed of “Thanga Meenkal” the director Ram reprehensibly involved in turning on the developing Taramani place and IT culture, an Anglo-Indian lady how is starting her life in a redolence way and so how her life getting belligerent. A woman had the psychological flexibilities with the men in the forward-looking lifestyle is the story line.

Story: With the background voice which introduce the eccentrics. In that, opening which is not relevant to the story. Even the voice is too says the same. In the opening sequence not travels towards to the tale. A six women from the fishermen family pray for that the rain should hit up the Chennai in that case Indian team’s cricket match gets cancelled and the neighbouring country navy won’t attack their husbands, brothers and sons.

Once this sequel gets over, the director Ram introduces Altheya Johnson (Andrea), who works as an HR head in an IT company and she makes for 80K per month, in the heavy rain Altheya vehicle stuck up and she gets down from her black Activa to protect herself from big storm and she was getting an introduction with a stranger of roamer guy Prabhu (Vasanth Ravi).

Prabhu Nath opens up his love story with Altheya that he had a bad experienced and how the love gets broken down. An innocent Prabhu who does everything for his lover Anjali. Unfortunately the traditional lady want to earn more and started to settle in USA and gets married with a green card holder, Prabhu flashback dumped soon the IT professional lady move to a strange guy place and giving a sandwich by seeing his oppressed, all these odd sequels will overlaps in many movies, but the background voice compromised by saying a sentence of Mottai Thalaikum Mulangalukum Mudichu Potrathu (joining the bald-headed and the ankle-foot).

Now, Altheya reveals her seven year frustration to Prabhu Nath, that she is divorced and had a son, even voluntarily explains how the husband and wife were crack-up their relationship. In this circumstance, initially the stranger and Altheya were friends and at a point, the couple started to live in together.

The pair gets misconstrues in each and every situation, both were separated and culpability people how re joining together is the balanced story.

Verdict: Bold screenplay


Andrea Jeremiah

Vasanth Ravi

Azhagam Perumal

Anjali * guest appearance


Directed * Ram

Produced * Dr. L. Gopinath
Ram, J. Satishkumar

Written * Ram

Music * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * Theni Easwar

Edited * A. Sreekar Prasad

Production company * Catamaran Productions

Distributed * JSK Film Corporation

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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