Thanga Magan Movie Review

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Thanga-MaganGenre: Persuasion * evince by the hero in the gradualness among the kinship.

Quixotic * top out in the sequences, with the couple of heroine.

Drollery * portions are handed over to the hero’s friend, and blended up with the hero.

Outline: ‘VIP’ set of group once more conjoined their hands to exhibit a sentimental drama. The actor Dhanush has the ability to use his father-in-law titles in his upcoming movie, “Thangamagan” was released in the year of 80’s and fetched an immense success. In the commencing of the film, Dhanush depicted as a family man and were scrambling to lead the basic life with his wife (Samantha) and widow mother (Raadhika), but his father was an absent minded person who is feeble had a change their family into the gimmick life. Coming to the romance portion, the hero put-upon the twosome of heroines and relished the extremum level.

Story: “Thangamagan” pickax out a title of the Rajinikanth old movie, is a (golden son) Dhanush character is compeer to gold it seems, and the hero Dhanush was sacrificing his love with Amy Jackson for the condition, and not applicable to the hero and they were getting broken up. Dhanush has mischievous character and always spends his most times with a spunky friend (Sathish), this was hatred of Dhanush father and his nephew wander along with them. In a situation, relationship break for a pretty girl (Amy Jackson), obscure to her knowledge, marriage getting fixed with Dhanush’s cousin. To forget the tragedy life, the hero joining his father’s income tax office and acquiring the happy life with Samantha, the director entertains the first half movie stuffed with the romantic sequences and spotter the second half movie, therefore the reason K.S. Ravikumar attempts suicide.

Come to the point, Amy Jackson is making mandatory in the movies, no resemblance to Indian culture, dialogue were added to her, father is a British guy and mother is Brahmin lady. Amy Jackson appearance and slang are being suits only in the “Madraspattinam”. K.S. Ravikumar has done his father character with the innocent looks simultaneously Raadhika Sarathkumar equalized the eccentric. Anirudh music was somewhat overlapped to the audience. In the movie only possible to get an income tax office job, once the hero planned to work, shows the cinematic.

Verdict: Expectations were frowned, and an assortment of erstwhile movies in a newfangled version, family based movie coquet to amalgamate.

Cast: Dhanush * Thamizh

Samantha Ruth Prabhu * Yamuna

Amy Jackson * Hema D’Souza

Raadhika Sarathkumar * Thamizh’s Mother


K. S. Ravikumar * Vijayraghavan

Jayaprakash * Prakash Kumar

M. S. Bhaskar * Prakash Kumar’s Assistant



Directed * Velraj

Produced * Dhanush * G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan

Written * Velraj

Music * Anirudh Ravichandran

Cinematography  * A. Kumaran

Edited * M. V. Rajesh Kumar

Production company * Wunderbar Films Gopuram Films

Distributed * Sri Green Productions

Minutes * 121


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