Thappattam Movie Review

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Genre: Rural based script * wholly touching on to the countryside as opposed to the metropolis.

Synopsis: To an extent, hats off to the “Thappattam” team that they have released in parallel time of “Vivegam” had screened in the theatres, “Thappattam” is a rich heritage of Tamilnadu’s musical history and folk music, “Thappattam” is known as “Paraiattam” in Tamil literature, “Parai” significance of the messenger and the instrument is used in old ages for a declaration and proclamation for gathering the public. In the film “Thappattam” the debut hero uses the instrument for the funerary. The script pushes to an old concept, though the film entirely captured in the village.

Story: An Opening moves in the year of 1984, a forthcoming actor Durai Sudhakar who acted as a Thappattam instrumental player in a village and he gets married to his sister’s daughter. Initially, both were leads a happy life. In every village oriented subject there will be a villain who targets the ladies and he would envision as a womanizer. The sinless wife (Poongodi) was getting pregnant and their happy life comes to an end, the womanizer spread rumour about Poongodi, that she was getting spoiled by him and this gossip believed by her husband and he started to hurt her, end of the film chases towards the twirls is that innocent lady come out of gossip, the director applied an old formula in this technological aspects world and the audiences will rush for the “Thappattam” movie to watch in the theatre which is full of new artists and sequels rolls in the slow space or the viewers move to a mass hero movie? In this dilemma, the audience in rural area surely admires a peaceful family based story.

The director S. Mujibur Rahman has chosen an erstwhile story and a simple baseline is dubiety, that too not with a strong screenplay which make the wearied. The hero Durai Sudhakar tried out to give an outdo performance when he appeared, heroine Dona expresses a lot in an unconditional area.

Verdict: The majority of new faces which misfires the audience in the theatres of this rivalry macrocosm.


Durai Sudhakar



Directed by * S. Mujibur Rahman

Written by * S. Mujibur Rahman

Screenplay by * S. Mujibur Rahman

Dialogues by * S. Mujibur Rahman

Produced by * R. K. Ritheesh

Music by * Palani Balu

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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