Tharai Thappattai Movie Review

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tharai_thappattaiGenre: Musical * based on Kargattam, the life of dancer group concoction of tragedy, which the music life made them misery.

Outline: As the producer and director of the film “Tharai Thappattai” a combined for dancers and music oriented, with the thin line between the Sannasi and Sooravalli love track had been which never succeeded in their life. The film shows the sufferings of ethnic music, dancers in a different angle.

Story: The film title “Tharai Thappattai” is the Tamil folk instrument word, an old man Samipulavan is a ferocious character, Samipulavan was a great singer and thavil expert who stopped performing, singing and playing thavil because of the unseemly content in the folk dances by the younger generation. But the gang people get an opportunity to visit Annadaman for the performance. Unfortunately, the organizers of the program, who have been asking Sannasi to see the dancers and treat them as prostitutes, Sooravalli attack the arrangers in the vehement way, again, they face a critical situation, for the revenge, their tickets were torn by the Annadaman group. Sannasi group plan to work for a daily wage for the construction of a building, things were collapsed and Sooravalli get an injured in her leg. To stop the crucial conditions, Sooravalli performance in the street to get a lump sum amount to reach their motherland.

After all these dooms, Sooravalli’s mother approaches to Sannasi, that her daughter has to lead a happy life, who the guy is apart from this dancing field. In between an innocuous guy (R. K. Suresh) draws close to Sannasi, to get married Sooravalli, and he was hit by Sannasi, now the dancers start to feel their love, an upside down entry of RK Suresh, Sannasi hid his love with Sooravalli and making arrangements for the District collector car driver (RK Suresh) to marry with Sooravalli.

Now the second half continues, in the first night room a strange man with her, after few months later Sooravalli was delivered a girl baby and the young one was taken by Sannasi. Watch out the movie to know Sooravalli’s pregnancy was made in hideous condition, and the real face of Sooravalli’s husband’s demeanors.

The attitude of Sooravalli had been portrayed as a strong lady, but she never exposed her tempestuous to the culprit. Sooravalli dance performances are extreme and facial expressions too heavy and even Gayathri dance express in the heavy level. The music composed by Illayaraja is being 1000 to reach out.
The director’s aggressive had tempos in every sequence.

Verdict: Coarseness had been uttered on the screen both in sequence and in verbal, which undo the value of other portions.


Sasikumar * Sannasi

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar * Sooravali

Satish Kaushik

R. K. Suresh

Kaavya Sha




Directed * Bala

Produced * M. Sasikumar Bala

Written * Bala

Music * Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography * Chezhiyan

Edited * G. Sasikumar

Production company * Company Production B Studio

Distributed * Ayngaran International

PRO * Nikil


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