Thavam Movie Review

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“Thavam” is a rural based content and in the Tamil cinema enormous films explored the values of farmers and their struggling. In that list “Thavam” has been appended with a firm manner. In this film “Thavam” Seeman’s performance was combative towards farmers uplifting by his stylish way, it was in a lively aspect and he had been stuffed with effective dialogues towards farmers.

The film “Thavam” base was open to the love concept. Pooja Sri and her colleagues decided to attend their co-worker’s marriage function, which was going to held in a village, Pooja Sri was observing the things had been happening in the village. In a scenario, Pooja Sri analysis that a guy Vijay Anand is the perpetrator for the village people and her courageousness attitude doesn’t control her and the girl complaining Vijay Anand towards the police station.

In the parallel, Seema always struggle for the betterment of the farmers and he was confronting a lot of obstacles, Even Pooja Sri faces out the consequences which she against towards Vijay Anand. An aggressive girl once stepped into the village, which adhesiveness up with the village people and experience more issues and that everything end up with Seeman’s fast-growing performance.

The film’s strength was the Seeman’s acting, once the actor Seeman enters on screen the fearless performance flows out on each frame. In this movie enormous artists have been stuffed to make the audience energized, Vel Murugan cinematography gives scintillating on the each framings and Sikanth Deva’s music is an extra point to the film.

Verdict: awareness program.

Rating: 3 / 5



Bose Venkat


Santhana Bharathi


Pooja Sri


Directed by * R Vijay Anand *
AR Suriyan

Music by * Srikanth Deva

Cinematography * Vel Murugan

PRO * Manavai Bhuvan & Team

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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