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A fundraiser event to raise money for outstanding charities such as People for Animals (PFA )and other shelters that take care of homeless and street animals.

Mixing a fundraiser via a fashion show for pets by celebrity designers , what an idea Sir Ji.

The brainchild of Chennai’s very own Jeffrey Vardon , brought to fruition by the Duchess friends of Furries group, a group Of kind hearted folks , the event lured the fashionistas and the animal lovers of Chennai to take part and contribute to the noble cause .

There are only 2 relationships that can give you unconditional love , one is the unconditional love parents shower on their children and the other is the unconditional love that pets shower on us.And this event launched in Chennai for the very first time was revolutionary and extremely touching to those who have experienced the comfort of that unconditional love.

The whole event was beautifully designed keeping the pets and pet parent in mind. The venue was teaming with life, color and sound , beautifully curated food stalls, shopping , massage area, crystals , even a separate bay area fashioned for the pets taking part in the fashion show. One major chunk of the venue was cordoned off for the Dog and Cat Adoption drive. Those who adopted the pet , were cheered on the main stage . Adopt a pet , don’t buy , was the main take away. The fashion saw the pets in full glitz and glamour sashaying down the ramp , dressed as kings , Egyptian, bar maids in shirts , pants and skirts , the pet participants elicited all the joyous sounds in the audience. Waffle the 3 legged dog and Momo the calf on the ramp was a huge hit . Nina reddy walked the ramp with both her pet children Simba reddy and junior reddy , was a real treat to all.

Asha Sampath and Preethi Thiagharajan as the event MC s guided the event gleefully and with much gusto. 49 fashionable pet participants walked the ramp accompanied by their pet parents, in 8 segments.

Each segment designed by the 8 celebrity designers Sidney Sladen, Richa Goenka, Tina Vincent , Chaitanya Rao, Naomi , Deepika and Volanté. Nina reddy slayed the ramp walk with both her boys , Simba and Junior.

The pet participant donated 5k to walk the ramp and their contribution were much appreciated, they each received a customised participation certificate as a keepsake. The popularity contest conducted online was a toughly fought competition and there were 3 winners each for the star of Facebook and star of Instagram.

The biggest celebrities were the pet participants and all the pet animals that showed up with their parents to watch the show.

If the first part of the event was the enjoyable fashion show , the second part of the show was the commendation awards of appreciation to 5 city vets who help the street animals regularly.

The 5 vets were Dr. Priya, Dr. Nagarajan, Dr. Thanigaivel, Dr. V.Arun and Dr. Arvind .

Along with the vets , 5 animal rescuers were highly appreciated for their outstanding service ie Aditya venkatraman, Malini, Jayshree ramesh n Anuradha Rajkumar.

The fundraiser helped raise donation not only for PFA but other shelters namely Advaika foundation, CATTITUDE, Cloud 9, Bhairava foundation . Entire event was beautifully orchestrated so that the pet participants felt comfortable, no flash photography was allowed and even the fashion show music was specifically geared to keeping the pet participants relaxed . The highlight of the evening was the cheque presented to the NGO People for animals ( PFA) of 5 lakhs . A satisfying and meaningful event that Chennai can be proud of to host . There were smiles all around and that was the biggest success from the show. It is said that Compassion without action is evil and the duchess group of furry friends have ensured that their compassion has raised awareness for the streeties and endorse the slogan of Adopt a Dog!!! Look out for the next edition shortly .



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