A Fashion Grandeur on Diwali and Wedding Collection Fashion Show Stopper by Actress Sanam Shetty

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The Madras icon awards is the second season By vicky kapoor the fashion event director who is also a celebrity Desinger this awards are only to motivate the talent.

Last year we only gave awards to the the fashion industry .

But the Madras icon awards are growing bigger and we have first 4 makeup artist who are going to showcase their wedding theme

The invite list who are being awarded are Actress Yashiska aanand / Actress Meera Mithun / Actress Sakshi Agarwal/ Sneha Nair.

We are also having awards for the socialist from chennai and few celebrity fashion Desingers who have worked with the best actors / actress of kolly wood

This awards are given to motivate the new comers in the industry

I am also a fashion Desinger and showcasing my festival collection for Diwali and Christmas

Indian traditional wear as the last sequence with show stopper Ms shetty .

This awards will be more grand and bigger with the celebrity from the movie industry .

We are having an exclusive daul awards for the page 3 photograher journalist from our own namma chennai.


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