‘The Magical Scroll’ Book Launch by Jeyasree Ravi

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IMG_3617A Traveller’s Journey through life comes alive with ‘The Magical Scroll’ by Jeyasree Ravi

Life is tough. Everybody wants to lead a happy life. If only we knew the 16 rules of life, we wouldn’t have to suffer. Prepare to live life happily and guilt-free!

Mrs. Jeyasree Ravi, a life skills trainer and the founder of Sri Palam Silk Sarees, one of South India’s fastest growing saree retail brands will be unveiling her first book, ‘The Magical Scroll’ at the Taj Connemara on Wednesday the 15th at 6.30 pm.

Through a combination of meditation and deep thought, she has managed to dwell and build upon the Universal Laws that help govern every individual’s life. She has chronicled them as 16 Golden Laws into a book called The Magical Scroll.

Written in both English and Tamil, the book will be unveiled at a Red Carpet Function this Wednesday.

Dr. NalliKuppusamy(Nalli Silks) along with Dr.Mrs.Y G Parthasarathy(Padmashree Awardee, Founder of Padma SeshadriBalaBhavan), Mrs.Nirmala Prasad (Principal, MOP Vaishnav College For Women) and Mr. C K Kumaravel(Founder, Naturals Spa &Salon) will be the Keynote Speakers at the launch.

Speaking about the book, author Mrs. Jeyasree Ravi says, “Very early on, I realised that life is all about cause and effect. That something can be either right or wrong. It can’t be both. It can’t be neither. My desire to learn more about this topic led me to the Universal Laws. However, I still felt they didn’t encompass all aspects of life. Through inspired meditation, I was able to arrive at the 5 additional laws, which when read as a whole, can be a secret potion to a lifetime of happiness. I wish these simple rules to reach one and all, young and old alike. It’s never too late to change to enjoy the journey if life.”

Preface about The Magical Scroll

There is a need to break the umpteen misconceptions that man has. Life is tough. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is unfair. It is fate that one endures. Something right in your perception maybe wrong from another’s point of view.

There are several questions unanswered, gnawing at us deep within. Is there nothing that is fair in life? Why do we suffer? What is right and wrong? There is frustration – if only we knew the rules of life, we wouldn’t have to suffer!

On the other hand, if only we knew the rules of life we would be able to live a happy complete life. Here they are, the 16 Golden Laws, the simple rules to live a happy complete guilt-free life.

About Mrs. Jayasree Ravi

Jeyasree Ravi is an entrepreneur and a life skills trainer based out of Chennai. Living with two daughters, a son and her husband, Jeyasree is also the founder of Sri Palam Silk Sarees, one of South India’s fastest growing saree retail brands. Born to Dr. & Mrs. NalliKuppuswamyChetty, entering the silk trade was but obvious. What wasn’t was the separate journey she’d choose to script, dropping the cushion of the established family name. This book is a culmination of the learnings of this journey; learnings that she likes to call, ‘The Travellers’ Touch’. Discover more on http://www.atravellerstouch.com

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