Theri Movie Review

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theriGenre: Action * are magnified into the extreme level, with not much over punch dialogues couldn’t ascertained.

Synopsis: The director Atlee had given a great success for the romantic drama “Raja Rani” follows an action script, and the film “Theri” had been a spark for the Vijay audiences. This film contains the all sorts of facets, a relationship between a father and the daughter has been exposed into innocently, which was splendid to watch out in the opening. The hero Vijay handles his family in a ticklish way, when he switches over to formally, shows the hideous to the ruffians. A policeman who is losing his family and leading a peaceful life with the child in a corner out from the Tamilnadu and saying his flashback to the second heroine about his family was killed by a Minister, at the end, the hero avenging everyone with all squeezes of cinematic methodologies.

Story: A film “theri” embark on with a bondage of a dad and with the child, whose often calls them as baby, Joseph Kuruvila (Vijay) runs a bakery shop in the place of Kerala, and his daughter Nivi (Nainika) was studying in a school, where the second heroine Annie (Amy Jackson) as a teacher. All of sudden, Annie was grabbed with Vijay in an accident, and in the clash of local rowdy Annie was getting aware of past life on Joseph’s (Vijaya Kumar) tragedy. The sequence is moving to Chennai city, Vijay is a Deputy Police for North Chennai and he attracted on Samantha, both starts a beautiful life in a song, after song gets over a Minister was killing his wife and the mother character of Radhika Sarathkumar. Watch out the film, the director had shoved with heroism based of climax.

After a gradual hit on the different concept of “Puli” movie, the hero trust on a police related script to get the best in the position. As the heroine Samantha had done safer in her sequences, almost Vijay’s police based film has a concept, in “theri” is rapists towards the women.

Verdict: A commercial entertainment film. Not much bored, can watch one time.


Vijay * Vijay Kumar (Joseph Kuruvilla/Dharmeshwar)
Samantha * Mithra
Amy Jackson * Annie
Baby Nainika * Nivi
Prabhu * Police officer
Raadhika Sarathkumar * Vijay’s mother
MahendranRajendran * Rajendran (Police officer)
Azhagam Perumal
Kaali Venkatesh
T. M. Karthik


Directed * Atlee
Produced * Kalaipuli S. Thane
Written * Atlee
Music * G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography * George C. Williams
Edited * Anthony L. Ruben
Production company * V. Creations


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