Theru Naaigal Movie Review

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Genre: Thrilled * feeling makes piercing the gratifying and gives a rousing. 

Synopsis: The film “Theru Naaigal” which is all about compressing with a group of guys who are bothered to their place and contriving for killing a politician and that fellow had been quenched with full of politically strengthen, the flick “Theru Naaigal” is entirely possible towards the action scenes which played a decisive but the there are bland sequels found out on the screen. 

Story: In the place of Thiruvarur district an MLA had a cockeyed plan to put down the well being of the lands. Then the group of people who joins together and dragging out an emphatic MLA and the politician had planned to enforce a dangerous chemical factory in the village and this crusade made the guys in a terrible situation. 

The director Hari had quizzed the viewer’s patience and he tried to give some dazing experience by stuffed with many sequels.The screenplay of the movie exhibits his voguish on the silver screen. The Cinematography is being deprived in each frame and the music need to boost up. The performances of the artists need some energy. An actor Imman Annachi had given the best and other artists have not focused on their job.

Verdict: Need forbearance. 



Imman Annachi

Ram Pratheek 


Aaru Bala

Mime Gopi


Sushil Kumar

Cool Suresh

Director * Hari Uthra

Producer * Sushil kumar jain

Music * Harish

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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