Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review

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Vijay Antony’s continues to be above a complexity position or moving lower in position gives the stable level in the cinema industry. The flick contains about a message to acquired through experience. By the feeling of being confounded and overwhelmed is being followed.

Synopsis: Vijay Antony is being acted in the cop eccentric, which he has been conscious in choosing with his characters to get a success towards his movies. The film “Thimiru Pudichavan” concentrate for the both the Tamil and Telugu audiences.

The endowed Vijay Antony as usual focused in other areas of music and acting. The production part is focused by Fatima Vijay Antony. The film was directed and written by Ganeshaa.

The director tried to win over the audience by giving a message, Vijay Antony performed in an honest policeman eccentric and focuses on the criminal and he eradicate them among the society.

Story: The trustworthy sub inspector Murugavel, who take care of his younger brother from the childhood, Murugavel always rough-cut towards his brother that his brother wanted to shine in his life and even his brother wanted to study well and cherished to become higher position.

At a point, Vijay Antony’s brother getting frustrated by his actions that he is moving out and the fellow never understand Murugavel’s affection. Now the young boy leaves his own place of Virudhunagar.

After a long gap, Murugavel stepping towards Chennai to find out his younger brother. In that situation, Murugavel observes a murder in front of him. The guy was approved in the police station. After a long time later, the murder was happening by a gangster leader Saideena and that was done by Murugavel’s brother.

The younger brother understands that his brother Murugavel comes to Chennai as an inspector. In an unfortunate circumstance, Murugavel shot of his own brother. Then, Murugavel analysis about other eighteen boys were used for other illegal activities and even for killing people in a furious way. At last, Saideena was getting encounter by Murugavel is the balanced screenplay that had been given in an action oriented. In the technical aspect, Vijay Antony is being given his songs in the excel way and the BGM speaks out well.

Verdict: Action stuffed, an entertainment movie.

Rating: 2.5/5


Vijay Antony * Inspector Murugavel

Nivetha Pethuraj * Inspector Madonna

Daniel Balaji

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan

Sai Dheena * Meesai Padma



Directed by * Ganeshaa

Produced by * Fatima Vijay Antony

Written by *Ganeshaa

Music by * Vijay Antony

Cinematography * Richard M. Nathan

Production Company * Vijay Antony Film Corporation

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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