Thiranthidu Seese Movie Review

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ThiranthiduSeeseGenre: Drama * were squeezed on the whole, starting till the end of the movie
The alcoholic * pertinent sequences are stuffed in each and every moment of the film
Title * “Thiranthidu Seese” not an “Ali Baba” grotto to open a door, opening a heart of drunker life

Outline: The concept plays a vital role in all the films, for the movie makers. In that list for this picture fortitude for the subject and drama to roll, the Director has been chosen is Alcoholic. In each and every sequence of movies if any drunker panorama or drinking visual come below messages will be written, but in this film whole script sketched only for drinker life and how they are getting addicted, based on utterly life getting disaster.

Story: The director Nimeshvarshan has well thought-out the movie on societal wakefulness, commence with heroine toward the inside of a pub and enjoy the night party. John and Hussein were working as a waiter and getting attention on Charmi to sexual abuse her. At the time of 1.15 am heroine is been gets sexual harassment, in her unconscious condition. Charmi has a flashback for the reason she has been getting addicted with liquors.

At a point, three of them were unconscious of alcohol, John doesn’t know he has hassle Charmi or Hussein has done critical to her. In this situation, Charmi doesn’t know who is a culprit. And she wants to recognize an offender to punish for his blunder. Both of them argue with their own reason, that they are legitimate in front of Charmi. In a stage, Hussein planned to call a doctor to test Charmi, before her report doctor is a psychiatrist and forced to grope to identify the scandalous.
With all a stretched, movie was score at night time and resilient till 4. a.m, now hero John starts his flashback, the way got addicted of liquors in his adolescent period and joined in a pub the purpose is to drink, after getting preface with diva he started all his struggle and control to stop drinking and they were living a happy life. Unavoidable condition he had struck with a drinking habit. Check out the movie in theatre, which is the wrongdoer person and Charmi penalized?

Up and downs: The movie instigates in the pub and ends in the pub, which makes the viewers to get tired of something. Charmi acting was extraordinary like a drunker. Narayanan was cheering the audience by getting dull with some sequence. The director completed the film with the four corners throughout and some areas covered in the village. The doctor has ordered the stages of drunker situations, which leads to any circumstances, is the health tips were conveyed in the film.

Verdict: A good messages, but commercial areas are neglected

Cast & Crew:

Director * M. Nimeshvarshan
Producer * Sudha Veeravan Stalin
Production Co * Sudha’s Production
Music Director * Ganesh Ragavendra
Cast: Veeravan Stalin * Dhansika * Narayan * Angina Kirti


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