Thiri Movie Review

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Genre: Emote * of a common man, explosion out it and provokes the politician.

Synopsis: A list of attention-getting films given by Ashwin Kakumanu “Zero”, “Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara” and his upcoming movie is “Thiri” the flick based on educational cognizance, conditional  father’s life, a greedy politician mixed up play script, which leads to mess up  the concept. The film engaged with the preeminent actors of Ashwin Kakumanu, Swathi Reddy and as a father role done by Jayaprakash, the film was directed by  Ashok Amirtharaj and he had twitched by narrating the story on screen.

Story: The debut director Ashok Amirtharaj project Jayaprakash as a school teacher, who is expected more discipline with his son Jeeva but the fellow who is a carefree engineering graduate, merely his father forced to apply for the higher studies that he wants to become as a professor in mechanical engineering, Jeeva doesn’t have interested to leave his hometown by going for the studies, on this track the flick jumps into the college campus Jeeva hit a guy Kishore (Arjai) who is a son of an impish politician Anganna (A. L. Azhagappan) and also the correspondent of the college where Jeeva is studying.

Kishore retaliates Jeeva, in a tricky way the college management gets the agreed document signature from Jeeva and gives  the conduct certificate by stating that BAD, this was smashing his dreams of higher education. On the other side,  Angannan is the reason for the death of Swathi father and they were neighbourhood of Jeeva’s place, by knowing who was murdered, nor capable of rising up the voice against the politician Azhagappan.

In this situation, Jeeva decided to stand against towards the hefty politician and his son to teach them a lesson as an ordinary person he takes several steps and getting success and finally the film end up with a message.

Ashwin had done his role in a groovy performance, Swathi eccentric is too strong in the film, but she gives weary by her acting, Jayaprakash lived as a disciplined father and often gives messages this have seen in many films and the son understands his father’s feeling and changes according to him.

Verdict: An erstwhile baseline with fresh actors.



Ashwin Kakumanu * Jeeva

Swathi Reddy



A. L. Azhagappan

Anupama Kumar

Daniel Annie Pope



Directed * Ashok Amritharaj S

Produced * Anton Ranjith S,
Vetrik Kumaran. M

Music * Ajesh

Cinematography * KG Venkatesh

Edited * Raja Sethupathi S.P.

Production company * Oxygen Cinemas and Sea Shore Gold Productions

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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