Thirumanam Movie Review

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Cheran’s a collection of films bonds with human emotions, sharing a common attribute.

Synopsis: A set of audience consents with the strong feeling, the title “Thirumanam” extends about marriage notches, the film like “Manal Kayiru” belongs towards marriage scenarios, “Thirumanam” follows, according to the current situation the guys Umapathy and Kavya attracts each other through social media, which tracks the young group, simultaneously the director Cheran own flavour has been mixed up by creates social or emotional ties.

Manifestly, Cheran’s dramas narrates with mutual dealings and lacking, which connects among the people. Over the years later, “Autograph” fame director Cheran’s efficiency slackens down, Cheran and Sukanya leads matured eccentric. A familiar RJ Umapathy Ramaiah and Kavya endures for the screenplay, the film was produced by Preniss International.

Story: The social media influenced in Cheran’s film of “Thirumanam”, fully conceived and perfected man Arivudainambi, who works in the income tax office and he had an outward behavioural younger sister Aadhira. The rigorous lady Manonmani belongs to a royal family and her only brother Mahesh gets attracted Aadhira through Facebook.

The lovers decided to explicate about their lover affair towards the parents’, in the initial stage both the family members accept the proposal and tardily contradiction plays a vital role in Mahesh and Aadhira marriage, after all opposition between two conflicting forces, the marriage turns with smoother or their marriage proposal breaks up, which the director given fully fledged prolonged discerned.

Cheran’s possess his style, Umapathy, Kavya performance keens with the perfunctory, Thambi Ramaiah and MS Baskar execution were influencing, Sukanya’s frames are feeble.

Verdict: energy less

Rating: 1.5 / 5


Umapathy Ramaiah * Mahesh

Kavya Suresh * Aadhira

Thambi Ramaiah * Kumaraguru

Cheran * Arivudainambi

Sukanya * Manonmani

Jayaprakash * Vijayakumar

Manobala * Narasimhachari

Bala Saravanan * Saravanan

M. S. Bhaskar * Arunachalam


Directed by * Cheran

Produced by * Premnath Chidambaram

Written by * Cheran

Screenplay by * Cheran

Music by * Siddharth Vipin and Sabesh-Murali

Cinematography * Rajesh Yadav

Edited by * Ponnuvel Damodaran

Production Company * Preniss International

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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