Thirunaal Movie Review

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thirunaalGenre: Action * based content

Synopsis: Usually ruffians have a prefix name to maintain their guts, in the movie rowdy was an orphan hombre called as a blade, who was in a jail for his leader. With all sorts ruffians outlook and overdrawn scenes visualized, not to the extended Vidya’s care and love changes the blade life as a man (Ganesh).

Story: An innocent kindergarten teacher Vidya often gets a dream, getting married with the blade (Ganesh). In the place Kumbakonam, blade dares to do whatever for Dadha (Naga), Vidya was kidnapped by a group (Trichy) and the blade was interfered to save her and while back to their place, In the traveling blade expresses his love, both their proposal was not accepted by the Vidya’s parents and Naga wants to keep the orphan guy in a corner place, Vidya’s family travels to Tanjavur for the ashamed happened by the pair. The Dadha cheating his partner Joe Malluri (Vidya’s father) and the blade was witness to get money from Naga. Certainly without the policeman the script won’t be fulfilled, A.S.P. Pugazhenthi appears as Inspector and done his portions. The blade Ganesh murdered his leader for the stronger reason and in the finally Vidya’s dream becomes true. The songs are catchy for once envisioned, especially “Pazhaiya Soru Pacha Molaga”

Verdict: one more rowdy attempt to Jiiva.


Jiiva * Blade Ganesh

Nayantara * Vithya


Sharath Lohitashwa

Gobinath * A.S.P. Pugazhenthi


Joe Malloori

V. I. S. Jayapalan



G. Marimuthu


Directed * P. S. Ramnath

Produced * M. Senthil Kumar

Written * P. S. Ramnath

Music * Srikanth Deva

Cinematography * Mahesh Muthuswami

Edited * V. T. Vijayan
T. S. Jay

Production company * Kodhandapani Films

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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