Thiruttu VCD Movie Review

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Thiruttu_VCDGenre: Comedy * based on quondam stuffed content, and makes the audience obtuse in the ever visuals

Title * is absolute contravened, never to the audience to exaggerated.

Outline: VPA medias present a comedy stretched movie “Thiruttu VCD” based on three fraud guys are smuggling an idol in a van and the hero involving a couple of artists in the drama to eye wash the police department. But the group of people facing the problems and in the final, an old climax of arresting the don group and the hero and his team getting an appreciation from the inspectors.

Story: The title “Thiruttu VCD” is the abbreviation of the three guys name. The hero is participating in the illegal activities to become stable in his life, but the heroine was advised about his job and she was asked to leave the illegal jobs, but he was stubborn to get a huge amount to lead a sophisticated life with his lover.

At a situation, the hero arranging a van and a group of people in a bad condition, helping the hero and too payment makes them to do the favors. The movie rolls in the van and the villain chasing the guys. Watch out the movie in the theatre the three VCD is arrested by the police and check out who is the informer of the story.

A tiresome old script, the only thing boosts up is Devadharshini’s her own way style of making comedy sense.

Verdict: Comedy to a lesser extent, “Thiruttu VCD” lesser in entertainment.



Sakshi Agarwal








Directed by “Kadhal” Sukumar

Music by Jithin Roshan

Cinematography by NS Jagadish

Editor * Sathish B Kottaai

Art director * Ravindran

Lyrics * Ilancheran, Murugan, Mamthran

Stunts * Horse Suresh

Choregraphy * Radhika, Dheena

Stills * Balaji

PRO * Nikkil

Production Manager * MP Ramachandran

Producer * P Chandran, P Mohan

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