Thittivasal Movie Review

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Genre: Emotion * of a community, which forced to shoot out with strong feeling.

Synopsis: The story starts with emotion of a girl, that she had compressed her feelings with many consequences happened in a tribal village. A governmental minister, the people’s safeguard of the cop and the collector uses their influences to get assesses of forest. The film was directed by M. Prathap Murali and he utters the hindrance of hillside village people’s timorous storey.

Story: Thittivasal opens up with the Mullaipaarai tribal people’s tragedy life. A young woman Sembaruthi (Thanu Shetty), who sacrifice her life in front collector’s office to get the attention on her to reveal the current situation her village and the people’s life. After burning herself and the collector reaches to the hospital and listen to her statement, Sembaruthi and her kin group was surviving on the mountain side peacefully for long years with the direction of Mooppan (Nasser). Unfortunately, the difficulties started up.

A police inspector, the forest minister and a collector plan to take over the place and even the forest wealthy areas in their cunning ways. With the help of Mooppan and two youngsters, Muthu (Mahendran) and Kumaran (Kinni Vinod), who have against for their hierarchical activities and they hang out the villainous to hold down.

Muthu and Kumaran, and their gang people, prisoned for unreasonable and they were excruciated in the jail. Vanjinathan who is a wise man, help towards youngsters and finally the guys reduced the village from the scoundrels.

Verdict: Drama



Thanu Shetty


Kinni Vinod

Ajay Rathnam



Dheeraj Rathnam


Director * M Prathap Murali

Produced by * Srinivasa Rao

Music * Harish

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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