Thodari Movie Review

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DhanushGenre: The Romantic * movie, is being elongated in an unripened, and ripened is stretching in the train sequels without any consistency.

Synopsis: The director Prabhu Solomon’s list of romantic movies “Kumki”, “Mynaa” are portentous which have been given a different dimension to the upcoming heroes, but with the leading artist who had approached as the psychic eccentrics in his initial levels, but “Thodari” made it in an innocuous way of expressing the love.

Story: A major role carried out by a train with the long journey from Dehli to Chennai film intents in the train, Dhanush is an orphan guy who started his life in the train and work in the train pantry as a seller. An orphan Poochiappan guy who struck out on love with an assistant (Saroja) to Pooja Jhaveri (film heroine), first half 20 minutes were drowsiness of long stretches of an innocent romance between the couple, in the DC train, Central Minister Rangaraj was traveling, Harish Uthaman was a commando and safeguard to the Minister had been projected in a negative role. Minister Rangaraj hates on Commondo without the reasons and the Commondo dislike the activities of Poochiappan. The train driver and his Co-workers’ family issues lead to a tragedy and the train was getting collapsed with uncontrolled. An exaggeration was applying on Saroja as a terrorist woman, she is being to attack on the Central Minister. Finally, the innocent couple is struggling to survive their love on the worldly concern.

Comedy portions are overlapped by the Thambi Ramaiah, Karunakaran and Dhanush were balanced with them. Malayalam language were verbalized in the most sequences was getting annoyed by the Tamil audiences. In the film “Velayudham” with all guileful action Vijay controls the speeding train, here in the “Thodari” the director hasn’t given the power to control the train as a one man. Almost sequences are dragged by graphics not much realism. The talk shows on the channels had been criticized, getting the applauses by the viewers’.

Verdict: First half bore, second half engaged.


Dhanush * Poochiappan

Keerthy Suresh * Saroja

Radha Ravi * Minister Rangaraj

Thambi Ramaiah * Canteen Manager

Karunakaran * Vairam

Harish Uthaman * Nanda Kumar

Ganesh Venkatraman * Sultan ROD


Director * Prabhu Solomon

Music * D Imman

Producer * Sendhil Thyagarajan, Arjun Thyagarajan

Lyrics * Yuga Bharathi

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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