Thodraa Movie Review

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Genre: Deplorable love drama * a deep feeling of squelch love convert into the desirous and strongly moulded love was arisen between a couple.

Synopsis: A quondam screenplay, which was engaged with lengthy process, a love is the baseline for the drama, love script always gives energy towards the audience and the director would have been given in a different dimension, as we have observed in movies, many oppositions will come for the lovers and the people struggles for their love life, among those film “Thodraa” is added in that category.

The director Madhuraj leads the film in a single track, as the hero and heroine is being in a collage life, suddenly both of them falls in love and the girl never bothered about her family members and she elopes with the guy and even he never worried about his poor mother and the younger sister.

The film contains all sorts of rural elements, certainly the flick was captured in the place of Palani. In the opening, an accident sequel of a guy and the girl dragged into a stretcher and they were being hospitalized with the serious condition, which made an eagerness and all of expected pulled down.
Story: Opening and the climax overlapping, in the place of Palani Prithvi Rajan (Sankar), who   belongs to a poor family and for his education, he depends on his part time job.

In this circumstance, the guy gets affair with a sophisticated girl Divya. Then the scene moves like as they are studying in the same college.

With all the guy’s tricky business that Shankar is applying to attract Divya and as it was seeing formula the rich girl is fond and her voice dictates in the family.

In this love story, a funny character was projected, in the opening he was a comedian and at the climax funny man exposed as a villain. The rich girl Divya ran off along with Shankar.

By Divya’s action, her dad dies soon and her politician brother chases for separate them. The comedian comes villain enters in the young couple’s life and made their life in the pathetic condition or filling with happiness.

Prithvi Rajan and Veena focused on the leading roles and they have been completed their duties in a seemly way. One thing wants to know, a comedian come villain for his political benefit he encourage the love marriage that he appoint guys and even gives salary and smart phones. Before the climax sequels, he had envisioned in a negative way, why this confusion.

Verdict: On the whole it is a love story. Unfortunately, flurrying the audience.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Prithvi Rajan


Akshayaa Premnath


Directed by * Madhuraj

Music by * RN Uthamaraj 

PRO * A. John

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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