Thondan Movie Review

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Genre: Societal action * content, which is being rammed with a lot of messages to the audience.

Synopsis: The director Samuthirakani used up all his techniques to convey all the issues towards the society, torment against the womanhoods, the issues continued with farmers, Jallikkattu issuance and how the cattle getting razed, all his frustration blast in the one flick itself, the film was confided with both the heroes Vikranth and Samuthirakani in a leading role. The music director of the film is Justin Prabhakaran.

Story: The director has given performance to support the hero Vikranth and concentrated on how to convey all the messages in a single movie, Vishnu’s mother who was met with an accident and was not able to save her life due to the emergency service couldn’t reach in time, and Vishnu leaves his Military job and he becomes as ambulance driver, even keeps more love on that ambulance, Vishnu eccentric is preeminent his life in the nonviolent way and doesn’t like to hate the people, in this situation Vignesh who is an alcoholic person and he used to anguish his sister Mahisha Soora Parthini (Arthana) in one-sided affair. But Vishnu’s honesty and with tolerant bring in enmity with him of a local politician’s son Minister Narayanan (Namo Narayanan). In this critical situation, where Vishnu was helpless to save the life of Minister Narayanan’s brother, who was affected by by Mahisha Soora Parthini and her friends as he assaulted one of their classmates. Finally, the film ends with the strong preachy tedious moralization.

Verdict: Awareness


Vikranth * Vicky

Samuthirakani * Vishnu

Ganja Karuppu * Xavier




Thambi Ramaiah

Namo Narayana


Directed * Samuthirakani

Produced * R. Manikandan

Music * Justin Prabhakaran

Cinematography * N. K. Ekambaram
Richard M. Nathan

Edited * A. L. Ramesh

Production company * Vasundara Devi Cine Films

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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