Thrill Adventure at I Play in Phoenix Market City Chennai

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IMG_9276 IMG_9308Thrill Adventure at I Play in Phoenix Market City Chennai

Beyond Boundaries Entertainment is a Premium Indoor Attraction company with its flagship indoor entertainment zone I Play in Phoenix Market City Chennai. I Play currently has 3 attractions including XD Cinema – the advanced version 5D / 7D Cinema, Snow Play – Real Snow Maintained at Minus 5 Degree Celsius, India’s 1st Holographic Theater – Where a real person performs amidst animated characters and whatever appears in front of you appears to be real but it’s not, its Holograms!

We are glad to announce the launch of the most advanced completely automated walkthrough attraction “Thrill Adventure” with various automated props and state of art animatronics.

Thrill Adventure is an exciting attraction suitable for the entire family. Thrill Adventure is a real-time attraction in which the visitors feel that they are walking inside a thrilling movie, it’s not a movie though!

Visitors first enter a Mystical Lift which transports them to a mysterious zone and then realize they have entered the abandoned Dr. X Lab when they walk through the lab. Visitors start walking and suddenly the lights above them starts to swing and they walk past that and hear someone banging the door on the rear side and then the door opens violently and then they keep walking to see some smoke coming out of the floor and suddenly there is a gush of air that hits their knees and then they walk past that to see few boxes which are chained on which is mentioned “Dangerous Creatures” and when they are close to one of the box the box starts jumping and there is a scream of a creature trying to escape the box and they walk past that and the journey continues with many more surprises then they enter a lift which is of different décor and this lift transports you to the mystical jungle where they encounter with fierce full pythons, dangerous crocodile, flying bats, slippery floors and giant spiders falling … Thrill Adventure is a complete surprise and adrenalin entertainment leaving everyone to agape every second…

“There are many entertainment concepts present across the globe and it’s good to see newer entertainment attractions which are springing up in our own Chennai. Thrill Adventure is a complete surprise and I should say it’s in par with the international attractions and am sure this will be a thrilling adventure for the entire family” Says Ashok Verghese, Director – Hindustan University

“Our Chennai city really needs more entertainment zones and I think I Play is one perfect zone for the entire family to hang out! I Play has a variety of entertainment concept which will delight visitors of all ages and classes and will certainly give an international experience. The recent attraction Thrill Adventure is a mind blowing experience” Says Satish Jumbo, CEO and Founder – Wild Tribe Ranch

Janakiraman – Art Director says “It was a very challenging opportunity to blend the creativity and automation together and to deliver a cinematic and thrilling experience and today we have delivered Thrill Adventure which will give a complete out of the box and unexpected experience for the visitors. In the cinematically themed ruined lab and the mysterious jungle, every second will open up a new surprise inside Thrill Adventure”

“We are very excited to launch “Thrill Adventure” a complete automated walkthrough attraction. Thrill Adventure combines high potential cinematic theming skills, complete automation and modern animatronics to deliver high adrenalin attraction for the visitors in par with international standards and will certainly be a great experience for the entire family!” Management, Beyond Boundaries Entertainment

The duration to walk through the attraction will be between 9 – 10 Minutes and tickets are priced affordably at Rs. 150 Per Head (Adult and Child – Above 5 Years)

Thrill Adventure is open all days of the week from 11 AM to 10 PM and located in I Play, 2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Chennai, for further information
please call Ms. Annie: 90875 21770


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