Thumbaa Movie Review

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A computer graphics Tiger, animated animals attract the children – failed to drag in the adulthood.

In Pollachi district, Top slip is a forest area, where Tamilnadu and Kerala mountains connects each other. Opens with Kerala limits area Thumbaa tiger escape and crosses Tamil Nadu range. With this scene, a couple of guys, Hari (Dharshan) and Umapathy (Dheena) both were stepping in the forest area of Top Slip. By the guidance of forest office, guys have to paint a wall with attractive design, near to the wall the big size tiger statue wants to give the magnificent resemblance like a tiger, once their tasks get finished, they were decided to go for their own jobs.

Initially, the guys were scared to step in, but the financial weakness made them to proceed. Parallel, an energetic woman Varsha who was an aggressive wildlife photographer. With her self interested and with her father’s influence Varsha getting permission from the forest department to take the photos of wild animals.

In this scenario, greedy forest officer planning to capture “Thumbaa” tiger and her small one by converting as money. Every forest tigers have a tracker signal and it was observed by the higher officers. The forest officer decided to grab of trackless tiger, which entered in Tamilnadu limits.

Varsha and the guys were noticed, which the forest officer tracking down the tiger. With the help of forest folk and the trio people, plan to protect the tiger from the forest officer. The film doesn’t hold with real animals, a tiger and its cub, a naughtiest small monkey, squirrel and elephants all in CG effects. With all these animals, funniest monkey’s activities sure grab the attention of the kids.

“Kanna” debuted hero Dharshan not matured in his performance, Dheena has been given a full potential towards the character, Keerthi Pandian had given the best in her first appearance. “Jayam” Ravi guest appearance gives the awareness about Indian national animals. The unveiling director Harish Ram is lacking with the story narration.

Verdict: average drama.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Darshan * Hari

Keerthi Pandian * Varsha

Dheena * Umapathy

Jayam Ravi


Directed by * Harish Ram L. H.

Produced by * Surekha Nyapati

Written by * Harish Ram L. H.

Cinematography * Naren Elan

Edited by * R. Kalaivanan

Production Company * Regal Reels

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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