Thuppaki Munai Movie Review

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Vikram Prabhu focused with a virtuous drama that clutch with the message, it has been filled with commercial aspects.

Synopsis: “Thuppaki Munai” travels with a cop Birla Bose, who is an encounter expert and in the other side, an ingenuous North Indian man has been targeted to encounter within Bose’s gun point next is sinless father M. S. Bhaskar’s daughter is being ravished by four guys in a brutally, all the trio concept links with each other.

The story initially opens in Gao, journeys towards Delhi within a few sequels pushes in the place of Rameswaram, it has sustained in the state of Bihar and ceased in the spot of Chennai, it shows that the tale grip the viewers in the second half.

The director Dinesh Selvaraj concentrated by giving a social awareness that the young children treated, with the trait of extreme cruelty, Dinesh harmonized with the current scenarios of the society.

Story: An outline of “Thuppaki Munai” is exposed clearly that the hero of the film is the description of eccentrics and it was narrated with fascinating way not with actor Vikram Prabhu. The encounter specialist Birla Bose, who had been missing out his mother, lover and even the job imputable to his profession.

More than four years, Bose leads his life alone without any relationship. In this circumstance, the policeman Bose hierarchical officer assigning a case, that he has to encounter a guy Azad (Mirchi Shiva), who had a link to the terrorist and to come out of this situation, Azad drops out everything and migrate Rameswaram to lead a peaceful life with his son.

But scenario made him upside down, the cops have suspects Azsd and he was arrested in the raped case and murdered Manjal (Abirami), who is a school going girl and she is a daughter to MS Bhaskar that he works with Brahmaraja’s house as a barber.

Now, all these three sequences connects with shot out of 33 criminals Bose Mumbai based cop and he had exposed as a worthy guy in the vision of media, the encounter specialist make out the real situation of migrated guy Azad and how the written bullet shot at him or Bose safeguard him, which has been given with lacking of action.

Vikram Prabhu is one among the eccentrics in the film, his performances aren’t holding up with the audience attention, MS Bhaskar execution works out well and especially in the climax, the bubble girl Hansika Motwani not required but as a Kollywood film, the team had been projected as a heroine. Technical aspects worked out well, L.V. Muthu Ganesh BGM perked up.

Verdict: Thuppaki Munai – Vikram Prabhu getting jerked.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Vikram Prabhu * Birla Bose

Hansika Motwani * Mythili

M. S. Bhaskar

Vela Ramamoorthy


Directed by * Dinesh Selvaraj

Produced by * S. Thanu

Written by * Dinesh Selvaraj

Cinematography * Rasamathi

Production Company * V Creations

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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