Thupparivaalan Movie Review

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Genre: Action * based thriller content, which carries the sequence in an over-the-top level.

Synopsis: The director Mysskin had given a detective quiver subject and the actor Vishal who springs an antecedence performance on the screen, for the ‘Thupparivaalan” script the director stuffs a hefty role for the hero Vishal and he leads a strong eccentric, along with Vishal Prasanna supports the story and co-supporting actors of the movie are Vinay, Andrea Jeremiah, Anu Emmanuel and Simran. The director Mysskin films keep a noteworthy, that he attempts to present the unequivocal films.

Story: The vehemence is the dominance in the direction of Mysskin. A freakish hero, possessing sound of knowledge and he plays in a detective role, Kaniyan Poongundran Vishal disapproves in charge of a missing case of a hauteur multi millionaire’s man’s daughter and the guy promise for fifty lakhs and then he refused the richest man’s case but the fellow accepts to look at a dog’s slaying case fetched by a sinless kid, and that child had less amount for giving fee for him for the investigation, in this crucial situation, the kid faces the multi bewildering, then the script careers in assorted unsolved crime and the screenplay will figure out all the unresolved crime which keeps up several puzzles in the movie.

Vishal has given an excellent performances which to compare with his previous movies, eccentric of Vishal leads to a next level and his dialogues keeps on applaud. Prasanna has limited sequels, but he has done his performances in the significant way.

The action takes overs in the film “Thupparivaalan” was given in a brilliant and in the climax makes the audience to geared up what will happen in the next shot.

Verdict: Energetic


Vishal * Kaniyan Poongundran

Prasanna * Manohar

Vinay * John Richardson Holcha aka “Devil”

K. Bhagyaraj * Muthu

Andrea Jeremiah *Pritha

Anu Emmanuel *Mallika

Shaji Chen *Vijayakumar

Abhishek Shankar * Madhivanan

Simran * Mrs. DhivakarJ

John Vijay * Kamalesh

Master Nishesh * Dhivakar’s son

Jayaprakash * Ram Prasad

Thalaivasal Vijay * Madhavan

Ajay Rathnam * Police Chief

Ravi Mariya * Mallika’s uncle

Vincent Asokan * Dhivakar

Naren Bose

G. R. Adithya

Dheeran Rathnam

Siddharth Venkatesh



Directed by * Mysskin

Produced by * Vishal

Written by * Mysskin

Music * Arrol Corelli

Cinematography * Karthik Venkatraman

Production company * Vishal Film Factory

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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