Tik Tik Tik Movie Review

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Genre: Scientific detrition *  assayed with a new hook, gives invigorate to the audience by coming out from quondam formula. 

Synopsis: Shakthi Soundar Rajan had tried with the new concept, but for the title “Tik Tik Tik” he was picked out in the year 1981 released old movie title, a crime whodunit story of Kamal Hassan. The title has been recollecting the old flick. The hero and the director together were experimenting “Miruthan” in the concept of Zombie, currently they have chosen for scientific tickled. The flick circular with novel technological aspects that influences the movie. 

Story: Logic less “Tik Tik Tik” is base relating to the practice of hypothesis, which entertained the viewers. After a long struggle, the film dragged with expectations. Normally, heroes would be stuffed with curious potency has been observed in the each film  to attract the audiences, the hero Ravi is overcome with a magician, the father character and a creative person, who is locked in the jail for long periods. The “Defence Space Division” DSD had observed an asteroid impairment a few people who were living in South India and later followed that an unusually great in size asteroid, which collapses the four crore people within a  period of seven days. 

The Indian army major Mahendran (Jayaprakash), who concerns about the issue and finding out a solution, that is a 200 Kilo missile is required to blast out the asteroid. Unfortunately, the powerful missile was with China and it is hidden safely in the space with high security. With a high confidentially Mahendran team planning to steal the missile, but for this operation, they are selecting Vasu and his friends as Vasu had some unique techniques. 

The DSD Mahendran team members are sending, Raghuran, Swathi and Cash and his friends into the space to bust the vault and steal the missile. Once the plan was getting successfully and they start to fly in the space a strange voice thread with Vasu by kidnapping his son and to hand over the missile to the stranger. By the affection towards his son Vasu agree to collapse mission and follow the stranger’s instructions. As a hero, Vasu enforcing his techniques and rescue four crore people.

The film lacks with the logic, Vasu takes out the serious mission test in a simple way and clears just like that and the trained army officers were struggling with the test to get success. The songs and BGM are effective to support the story. As usual, Jayam Ravi has chosen a distinct tale to hit his positions. For the comedy track Arjunan and Ramesh Thilak are joining to entertain the audience.

The plus of the film is no romance sequels are not stuffed unnecessary, even though a lady artist working in the film. An extra point, the lady artist is used for performance and not for glamorous. A father and the son relationship were not exposed strongly, as Vasu says what ever do for his son. Overall, the director stepped up with adequate tale. 

Verdict: Watch out without any analyses.


Jayam Ravi * M. Vasu

Nivetha Pethuraj * M. Swathi

Ramesh Thilak *  Venkat

Vincent Asokan * Raguram

Arjunan * Appu

Jayaprakash * Mahendran

Aathma Patrick * Terrorist

Rethika Srinivas * Rithika

Balaji Venugopal 

Aarav Ravi * Ravi


Aaron Aziz


Directed by * Shakti Soundar Rajan

Produced by * V. Hitesh Jhabak

Written by * Shakti Soundar Rajan

Music by * D. Imman

Cinematography * S. Venkatesh

Edited by * Pradeep E Ragav

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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