The Tamil Nadu Public Works Electrical Contractors Development union Demonstration to revoke Goverment Order

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The Tamil Nadu Public Works Electrical Contractors Development union on Tuesday staged a demonstration outside Chepauk guest house demanding the government to revoke the Government Order (GO) merging civil and electrical contract for building works. The GO was passed nearly one and a half years back and more than 1000 people who have suffered due to it, took part in the demonstration.

“Even during the British period, the contract for electrical and civil was separate. For more than 175 years we have been following the same pattern. But, ever since the GO was passed thousands have lost their livelihood and are suffering right now,” said Karunamurthy, head of the union.

In the GO, the government had accorded sanction for inviting tenders under ‘package system’ by following tender procedures for execution of building works by the building organisation of Public Works Department.

For availing the contract, one must be a qualified electrical personnel. For this, the contractors people write exams and appear before CIEG in Guindy for the license.

“Usually, of the 100% work, 10% is electrical. So, currently trained men from civil department are awarded the contract and they outsource electricians to complete 10 per cent of the job. Due to this, the quality is completely lost and eventually it gives way to accidents. The Madurai government hospital incident was a perfect example of the outcome of this decision,” added Karunamurthy.

Similarly, the trained electrical contractors who studied for years to be in this profession are unemployed. This has been the case ever since the GO was passed.


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