Traffic Ramasamy Movie Review

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Genre: Action * an old man, exposed in the state of being active. 

Synopsis: The film speaks in commercial-grade about an individual old man’s life and his social activist. An unveiling director Vicky chose a real life common man who has a family and affectionate grandchild. His life quit happy life with his family members. 

Initially, the events of TASMAC near the schools and near the temples, this activity converts him to regulate the traffic in the city. Then slowly, many consequences which were highlighted in his eyes made him questions. The content is all about 75 years man who keeps responsibilities to society, even after a great tragedy.

Story: The actor Kushboo and director Seeman releases a book about an individual man traffic Ramasamy’s social activities interlocking. Initially, Vijay Sethupathy starts to read, as traffic Ramasamy would have approached with simple activities, once the actor depth in, the involvement peaked up. 

The director Vicky had visualized the sequels. The chapters and few situations presented on big screen. An old man leads a happy life, gradually he concentrates on social evils and gives voices against them. 

At his fourteen age given voice against a Tahsildar and this continued. In that, many consequences were highlighted, the offence of expectoration on the road side, a lady cop activity in the police station and TASMAC issue and finally the fish cart vehicles had been dismissed years ago and that was spoiling the human life. In this issue the story travels for a period and he gets the solution at the end with his willpower. 

The director brings out real eccentrics on screen. After a long gap S A Chandrasekhar fits perfectly as traffic Ramasamy. For the comical purpose actress Ambika has been used, but in the judge position as she eats Parrota is excess and speaks in all languages was magnetic. The concept is based tangible  man’s life.

Verdict: A good attempt.


S A Chandrasekhar


R K Suresh




Director * Vijay Vikram

Music * Balamurali Balu

Producer * Erode Prabhakar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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