Duchess Club and Aeshsane celebrate The World International Transgender Day

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Duchess Club and Aeshsane celebrate The World International Transgender Day on March 31st, 2018 with Royalty – Prince Manvendra Singh of Rajpipla, Gujarat (The First openly Gay Prince in the World)

Introduction by Neesha about the show

This year Aeshsane is turning seven, which also aligns with the 7 beautiful colours in a Rainbow, associated with the LGBT.

Aeshsane has always spearheaded the movement for Conscious living by marrying Fashion and Community Service with Sustainability as its core strength and that’s how Aeshsane’s Project with the THIRD GENDER came alive!

“Well, this whole thing was conceptualized in my head when I was once at a traffic signal and met a few Transgender who were begging. I rolled down my window and told one of them to start earning a humble living to which she confidently replied – would you give me a job? I couldn’t sleep that night as the glare in her eyes staring at me for an answer kept me awake…!”

Later, I met a couple of them, and after hearing their social stigmas and hours of research, I was very inspired to meet 5 such Transwomen, who had emerged out of their closets just like Aeshsane’s story of Ahimsa silk – where my silk moths emerge from the darkness into free beautiful butterflies! At Aeshsane, no one is in a hurry to bury them alive! Each of these Transwomen is unique in her own way akin to Aeshsane’s philosophy where each weaver and printer handcrafts inimitable threads with no fear of time!

This event is to commemorate and celebrate the ‘Third gender’ and to give them their due that they so deserve – our small endeavor to make them feel alive again!

Aeshsane is excited to team up with His Excellency, Duke Deandre in a first of a kind Fashion show that celebrates inclusivity. He is an Ambassador for Unites Refugee Green Council under his label Hanumanteshwar1927.He believes that the LGBT right is very important as it gives people the opportunity to live their truth!

And here we are; as what is going to unfold in front of you is nothing short of ‘stellar’ – All these real life heroes will be walking the ramp swathed in these meaningful Threads of thought!

Aeshsane is grateful to Royalty – Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla for accepting our invitation and make this vision a reality!

About Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil (born 23 September 1965) is the Prince of Rajpipla in Gujarat. He is the first openly gay prince in the world.
He appeared as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show on 24 October 2007. He was one of three persons featured in the show entitled ‘Gay Around the World’.
He runs a Charity, The Lakshya Trust, of which he is chairman, a group dedicated to HIV/AIDS education and prevention. It provides counseling services, clinics and libraries. Lakshya won the Civil Society Award 2006 for its contribution in preventing HIV/AIDS among homosexual men.
In 2018 Prince Mavendra opened up his 15-acre palace grounds to help house vulnerable LGBT people who might otherwise be “left with nothing” when “their families disown them after coming out”.

About Brand Aeshsane

Aeshsane has been into creating Sustainable future through fashion since its inception in 2010. It aims to encourage a holistic, organic approach to sustainable living.

Jakarta Fashion week
Aeshsane was recently selected by the Apex body of Fashion, The Fashion Design Council of India, to represent our Country and its sustainable narrative on the global runway of Indonesia.

International presence
Aeshsane is also currently showcasing at the World’s most prestigious Museum of Design ” The Victoria and Albert Museum” in London – and The National Museum of Arts for Women, Washington D.C.
Later this year, these “Threads of Thought’ will travel to Paris and Milan for the Autumn/Winter runway show in October 2018.

Upcoming Shows 2018 –

– Lakme Fashion week, Sep/Oct 2018
– Who’s Next, Premiere Classe Paris, Sep 2018
– Milan Fashion week, Oct 2018
– The Amazon India Fashion week Delhi, Oct 2018



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